What's to Eat?

What do YOU like to eat while enjoying the outdoors?   Do you cook over a campfire, camp stove or tiny backpacking stove?  Whatever your preference, share your recipes here, along with other tips for great food.

Do you have directions for building a soda can stove?  Great dehydrating tips?

Post your suggestions here, or email to: leesaj@4alloutdoors.org


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2 Responses to What's to Eat?

  1. I’m just a day hiker, but my favorite meal on the trail is a bag of pasta and a pack of salmon. I cook the pasta the day before and sometimes add garlic and some olive oil to it before it cools. I toss it into a ziploc bag so it’s super light and easy to pack. The salmon comes in convenient little pouches that are also easy to pack and carry out. If I don’t eat it, it will still be good for the next day. Given that I’ve been known to put in some 15+ mile days, I usually need all the fuel I can get, but I need it to keep me light and fast.

  2. Oh – that sounds good. Bet you could make it with chicken or tuna too. One of my favorites is cooked Jambalaya, and I put frozen, cooked chicken in the bag before I leave in the morning. By lunch, the chicken has thawed, but it kept the rice cold until then. I eat it cold – I know, but I like it that way, lol.