Keeping My Hands Warm with the Dakine Comet Method Women’s Gloves

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Dakine Comet Method Women's Gloves
Dakine Comet Method Women's Gloves

By Suzanne

The temperatures here in Maine lately have been downright frigid (below 20 degrees most days) and having gloves/mittens no matter what you are doing outside is just about mandatory. The Comet Method Gloves have been my “go to” gloves every single morning that I go out, not just when I am heading for the mountains. They do not limit my mobility as much as other, heavier gloves typically do. I have no problem wearing them while driving or holding on to my trekking poles when heading up a mountain. The GoreTex membrane means that my hands stay nice and dry, but don’t wind up getting terribly sweaty thanks to the breathability of it. They are the absolutely perfect multipurpose glove.

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