Countdown to Valentine’s Day 2011: Day 1

By Suzanne

With only one week left before Valentine’s Day 2011, you may be finding yourself suddenly in a bind for something special for your Valentine before the big day arrives. You want to find something to show them you care, but not something that screams that you waited until the last minute. I’ll be honest. I am struggling to find something for my husband. So, in an effort to make the last minute rush a bit easier on both of us, I’m going to post a Valentine idea every day between today and the 14th along with why I think it would make a great gift no matter if your outdoor loving Valentine is male or female, the love of your life or your best friend, or just someone you want to do something special for.

Wonder Warmers (Size Small)

First up for Countdown 2011 is the budget friendly Wonder Warmers from Coming in at only $14.95 for a set of two small warmers, they would make a great gift for your Valentine. Combine them with a sweet card and you’ll be good to go. To read more about the Wonder Warmers, go check out my full review on them here.

Reasoning: When you aren’t there to keep their hands nice and warm, the Wonder Warmers are a great stand in to fill the void until you come back.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Countdown to Valentine’s Day 2011 idea #2!

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