GCI Pico Arm Chair

Review by Arnie P

GCI Pico Chair

The GCI Pico Arm Chair was provided for review purposes.

GCI Pico Arm Chair

Beep beep, I see a brown UPS truck, I rush out the side door, intercept the driver on the side stairs, we exchange greetings, he hands me the package and I return inside. Glancing out the window, I see the UPS truck is not there.

After opening the ends of the cardboard box I push the contents out. This package is wrapped with the instructions printed cardboard sleeve with a plastic handle. The sleeve slides off with ease revealing the carrying case with an adjustable shoulder strap. After opening the 2 side brackets the chair slides out with ease. I glance at the construction, pleased with the sturdy look of the legs and frame of the chair. I have never forgotten the chair that collapsed on me years ago. Holding the chair with the feet down I place my foot on both feet of the chair and pull up to extend the legs. I rotate the armrest per the picture on the box. In seconds the chair is ready to sit. Well, almost all the time. I find using the least amount of force works the best.  To read more please click here.

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