Sockwell Men’s Therapeutic performance socks

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Review by Arnie P

Sockwell Men's therapeutic performance socks
Sockwell Men’s therapeutic performance socks

Sockwell provided the men’s Ascend OTC and Summit OTC socks for review.

Sockwell Men’s Therapeutic performance socks

In this last look at the Sockwell Men’s Therapeutic performance socks, we discuss washing and the reduction of swelling in my legs. I have been out on the trail in the cold weather of 15 F and winds up to 20 mph. We get to see differences between these two excellent pairs of socks. I will answer a question asked by an observer on the trail.

These socks take longer to put on than regular socks. The method shown on the website is better than any I tried. Removing the socks off also takes a few seconds longer. Taking off the Summit socks takes a little longer than taking off the lower compression Ascend socks. To read more please click here.