Update FuelBelt Ergo Hydration Running Belt

FuelBelt Ergo Hydration Running Belt

Update FuelBelt Ergo Hydration Running Belt

I recently ran a half marathon on a rail trail on a hot and humid morning in York, PA.  I used the FuelBelt Ergo Hydration Running Belt for the first time.

The three features I was especially interested in were the micro race locks to hold my race bib in place, the front pouch to hold my phone, and, of course, the overall fit and comfort of the belt.

I attached my bib to the belt using the micro race locks provided with the belt. I was apprehensive about the bib flopping around since I usually use 4 pins to secure my bib, but the race locks worked well. There were no issues with a floppy bib.

The belt was very comfortable and I liked having my own hydration for 2 reasons, even though the race had adequate aid stations. First, I could provide the hydration of my choice. I sometimes do not care for the hydration provided by races. Second, I could hydrate when I wanted to. Sometimes my need for hydration does not coincide with the location of water stops in a race. The amount of liquid in the two 8 ounce bottles was adequate for the half marathon, even on a hot day.

The belt did not make me hot, even on a very humid day. The bite valves were easy to use. I had no issues getting the liquid out of the bottles easily. In a training run, I like to unscrew the cap off of the bottle and drink directly from the bottle, rather than using the valve, but during a race, I liked the time-saving option of just drinking directly from the valve.

The phone carrier in the front pouch of the FuelBelt Ergo Hydration Running Belt was comfortable and easy to use. I did not pull my phone out during the race, but carrying the phone was convenient and I did use my phone to take pictures before and after the race.

All three features lived up to my high expectations. To read my review, click here.


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