MSR Dynalock Explore poles

MSR Dyna-lock Explore Backcountry Poles

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Review by Arnie P

MSR Dyna-lock Explore Backcountry Poles

MSR provided the Dyna-lock Explore Backcountry Poles for review purposes


As a regular hiker that enjoys hiking I find a lot to like about the MSR Dyna-lock Explore Backcountry Poles. They are quick and easy to use. For many years I hiked without sticks or poles. I even witnessed other hikers having nasty falls, but still did not believe it could happen to me.

Then near the end of a hike, I turned my body before thinking of the consequences. I was off balance, falling, with nothing to hold onto and I fell hard. From that point on, I used sticks and then poles on all my hikes.

In this review I hope to explain why I think I will like using the MSR Explore poles on all my hikes. I will explain the comfort and the ease of making adjustments. Since I hike year round, I will have that option with the summer and winter baskets that are included with the Explore poles.

Comfort is an important part of enjoying hiking. Comfortable grips prevent the hands from fatigue and pain or sometimes blisters. Sometimes the length of poles need adjusting during the hike as trail conditions change. To continue reading, please click here.

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  1. Mark, these MSR poles to be well made. Check back in about a month when I have had a chance to use them. I will have more to say. Thanks for your comment. Arnie P.

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