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Final Update: SOL Escape Pro Bivvy

I wanted to establish what I consider the lower limits of the SOL Escape Pro Bivvy.  I’m not talking about survival either, just how cold I could  manage without risking making myself sick.  After testing it down to 36 F … Read more »

Update: SOL Escape Pro Bivvy

I wanted to test the SOL Escape Pro Bivvy at the lowest temperature it was recommended but this did not happen for several weeks after receiving it. Then I had to work when it did finally drop to 50° F. … Read more »

HydraPak Stow 1L

Follow along as I put the new HydraPak Stow 1L bottle through the paces.  It is not listed on the Hydrapak website yet and it came without instructions but it’s basically a collapsible water bottle .  If I needed instructions on … Read more »

Tailwind Nutrition

Follow along as I see how I like Tailwind Nutrition.  It was developed by ultra endurance racer Jeff Vierling as an all-in-one formula to combine hydration, caloric and electrolyte replacement during ultra race events. He was frustrated with the available … Read more »

SOL Escape Pro Bivvy

I’ll be reviewing the SOL Escape Pro Bivvy for the next few months so follow along to see how it fairs as part of my sleep kit.  In a nutshell the SOL Escape Pro Bivvy is a stand alone 50 … Read more »

Final Update High Sierra Tokopah 6.0

The High Sierra Tokopah has been a faithful companion on all my bike rides save my recumbent which has a seat that wouldn’t allow me to wear the hydration pack.  So, I only rode the recumbent twice all summer. But … Read more »