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Arnie P.


My name is Arnie and I am 72 years old (in 2010). My love for the outdoors started when I was a just over 2 years old. I wandered out of sight to a local lake over a mile away. My dog came with me and we were together when we were discovered. I hiked and camped with the Boy Scouts. In 1958, as a college freshman, I went on 2 backpacking trips to Mt Washington. I am still hiking and backpacking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. At this time, my experience has been hiking in the USA and Canada, in the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Florida, and Colorado, and the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. I am outdoors almost daily year around. Other outdoor activities include snowshoeing, cross country skiing, car camping, and bicycling. My goal on all my adventures is safety and comfort and most of all fun, for myself and my hiking companions.

During last winter I snowshoed 7 times, with one trip lasting 9 hours. This past summer I was on 6 backpacking trips. Two of them in pursuit of 4000 foot mountains and the remaining four along the Monadnock Sunapee Greenway Trail.
If you have need to contact me, I can be reached at   alp4982@gmail.com or ask on the 4alloutdoors forum.

Reviews by Arnie P.


Coy S.

Coy Boy out touring on my recumbent

Hello, my name is Coy Starnes, better know as Coy Boy. I have been an avid outdoorsman for as long as I can remember, and my mom tells me stories of me getting out and getting lost in the woods even before that… I live in northeast Alabama where I spend most of my free time out hiking. I work at a waterplant as an operator to pay the bills. I also enjoy caving, canoeing and kayaking, hunting and fishing, and just enjoying being out in nature. I started biking 3 years ago which led to a recumbent a year later. After never going over 30 miles on my regular bike I find the seat on my recumbent comfortable enough for riding all day and have ridden over 50 miles on several occasions and a couple of overnight trips, the longest being 107 miles in 2 days. But enough about my recumbent.

I am 47 (in 2009), married and have 2 children, ages 21 and 23. When they were growing up I enjoyed camping with them and my wife. I took both kids on a few short overnight backpacking trips but went with my son on several longer multi-day backpacking trips. Now that they are grown I hike solo most of the time but do hike with friends occasionally. I tend to pack light and usually sleep in a hammock.

I have owned a canoe of some type for the past 30 years but just recently bought a kayak which I am still learning to paddle. So far I have paddled on a local lake (Lake Guntersville) and a few local creeks and rivers but nothing with over class II rapids.

I became involved with 4AllOutdoors because I am a certified gear junkie and I enjoy sharing what I discover when using said gear. I will always do my best to present the gear I am testing in an entertaining way but keeping in mind that you the reader will want to know how it works if considering the gear. If there is ever any question about the gear or a trip location you read about in on of my reviews feel free to email me at starnescr@yahoo.com or ask questions on the 4AllOutdoor forum.

Coy Boy
Reviews by Coy Boy


Jason B

65636923-IMG_2895 Jason has been playing in the outdoors for the past 30+ years and continues to seek adventure wherever he can find it.  He has lived all over the United States from Alaska to New Orleans. Currently he resides in northern Virginia.  He is a marathon and ultrarunner as well as an Assistant Scoutmaster for a local troop.

You can see his ultrarunning stats here https://ultrasignup.com/results_participant.aspx?fname=Jason&lname=Boyle

Reviews by Jason


Jenn K.

JKoles1 Jenn is exploring what California has to offer in the outdoors.

Jenn moved to Southern California in February of 2008. Prior to her move she lived in Utah for 11 years and could name a slew of trails in the Wasatch Mountains. Moving to California took some adjustment. First off there is no snow at her new address. She can see it from her home on the mountain tops. But, it just seems so far away. Plus it is not the same as the bottomless Utah powder.

Jenn had to find some outside activities close to her home in California and this is what she came up with: rollerblading on the beach path, walking at the beach, mountain biking with the Trail Angels (women’s biking group), road biking, and hiking. Now if Jenn wants to drive about 1 hour to 2 hours she can be backpacking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and rock climbing. If she wants to she can go snowboarding in the morning and watch the sun set at the beach. Not too bad!

Jenn has been hiking since 1997 and backpacking since 2004. She uses a double-wall tent for a shelter and tries to pack as light as possible. There are just some things she cannot give up in the backcountry.

P10402472 Since moving to California Jenn is mountain biking more than ever. She knows many of the local mountain biking trails and even mountain bikes at night. In April 2011 and 2013 she completed the Counting Coup mountain bike race; 42 miles and over 8,000 feet of climbing. In 2013 she shaved off an hour and 20 minutes off her previous time in 2011.

In 2012 and 2013 Jenn has been completing at least one century ride per month on the road bike. Her first double century ride in 2012 was the L.A. County Wheelmen’s Grand Tour- Lowland Route. This was a challenge but she still managed to finish as the 1st female and 7th out of 182 riders.

In August 2012, 2013, and 2015 she completed The California Coastal Ride for Hemophilia. This ride was over 500 miles long from San Francisco to San Diego California.

In 2013 she completed 5 double century events which earned her the California Triple Crown designation and in the Gold Thousand Mile Club. She finished strong as the first solo female rider in two events and second solo rider (male and female combined) in one of those events.

Jenn works at a local hospital in the physical rehabilitation department. She is a volunteer at the San Diego Humane Society.

Reviews by Jenn K.



My name is Kat and I was born in Maryland and moved to California when I was 8. I guess you can call me a “Californian”.

I always had an interest in sports and the outdoors. I grew up riding horses, playing soccer, baseball and ice hockey. I am currently an ice hockey goalie and play every week. Road biking became an interest of mine about 5 years back and I was in a women’s bike group for about a year, but ride on my own now. I have also been out SUP and kayaking which I really enjoy.

earned my AA in Environmental Studies and during my schooling I was exposed to hiking on many class field trips. This got me more into hiking and I now camp and hike regularly with friends and my archaeology group.

20150813_111611 I am a BIG animal lover and have a Chihuahua and 3 cats. I REALLY want to get my Chihuahua out there hiking with me. I am still in college working towards my BA in Anthropology. In the meanwhile I am out hiking in the beautiful parts of California enjoying the outdoors whenever I can.

Reviews by Kat


Susie & Alan

Susie running the White Mountain Milers 5K in North Conway, New Hampshire
Susie running the White Mountain Milers 5K in North Conway, New Hampshire

Hailing from near Portland, Maine, we make up the married pair of the 4AO writers. Our relationship started back in college when we discovered our mutual love of hiking and rock climbing before we were engaged on the peak of Mount Osceola.  Years later, our outdoor endeavors have shifted as we added our daughter to the mix. Alan’s true outdoor passion is mountain biking, which he does year round. As for me (Susie), my calling is still for hiking the four thousand footers in New England, but I have recently added road and trail running to the mix. When not enjoying the great outdoors, Alan is a project manager. I teach professional development for a school district and am a professional wedding photographer.

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Chief cook and bottle washer, organizer, reviewer, hiker, snowshoer, outdoor cook, paddler, camper and dog wrangler.  I live in Maine and love traveling around New England and beyond.  Love trying new products, sharing information and interacting with others.  My dogs motivate me to get out more, and are great hiking partners.   My trip to Iceland has been the best adventure – so far.


Brian T

Brian T
My name is Brian and I’ve taken a few years off from hiking and backpacking. I started gear testing in about 2002 and did that through about 2010 until I took a break. I’m looking to get back into hiking/writing/gear testing as a way to try and stay in shape and have fun. I’ve hiked in a few different states from Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Alabama, and Florida, and currently call Central Alabama home now. I’m not sure how the summer months will play out, I try to stay inside now that I’m older and “fluffier”. I’m into landscape photography now as well. I feel like Im starting over from scratch as Ive been out for so long. I hike slow, so I dont worry about the miles, just the destination.


Chris D

Chris D

Chris resides in Southwestern Maine in the foothills.  Regular activities include hammock camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, and ice fishing.  His wife Stacey and daughter Sammy join in the fun a lot of the time being avid hammock campers as well.  The family that hammock camps together stays together!  Chris runs a business building custom furniture and cabinetry for residential and commercial applications when he is not outside playing.

Photo taken in Yellowstone National Park, July 2010.


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