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Saxx Pilot Running Shorts Initial Review

Saxx Pilot 2N1 Running Shorts

Saxx Pilot 2N1 Running Shorts

I get to review another pair of running shorts from Saxx.  Check it out here.

Final Update: Saxx Running Shorts

Run Shorts

Kinetic 2 in 1 Run Sorts

After 6 weeks of solid running in these Saxx running shorts, the verdict is in.  These shorts are awesome.  Read the updated review here.

Saxx Running Shorts Initial Review

Run Shorts

Kinetic 2 in 1 Run Sorts

Saxx takes you on a trip to the Ball Park with these running shorts.  Read the initial review here, but stay tuned as we go adventurous long runs testing these shorts for comfort and everything in between.

Trail Foody Final Review

Trail Foody Adventure Trail Run

Contents of the bag from Trail Foody

Final Update on the Trail Foody review can be found here.

[Spoiler Alert] I’ve already bought July’s bag.

If you like to hike, run trails, eat, or try new things, this is for you.

Trail Foody Initial Review

Trail Foody Adventure Trail Run

Trail Foody Contents

Who doesn’t like food?  Especially food that is good for you and helps you go longer.  I love to run trails but more importantly, I love to eat.  Thanks to Blair and Trail Foody, I got the opportunity to try several new items!  Click here to read the initial review.


Yamacraw 50K Race Report Preview


Yamacraw Finisher’s Medal

In the heart of the Kentucky’s Big South Fork Recreational Area lies a trail race named Yamacraw 50K.  2017 was the 3rd year running and my first attempt at an ultra marathon.   33 miles through some of the most beautiful terrain central Kentucky has to offer.

Read the recap and my journey to ultra marathoner here.