2020 NEHHA Winter Hammock Hang

Intro into a winter hammock hang!

Ever wonder what a “hammock hang” is all about? How about a WINTER hammock hang? Well, us hardcore hammock campers do just that come winter time.  We don’t really have a camping “season” so to speak.  Many of us will sleep outside in our properly insulated hammocks regardless of the weather!  To read about our North East Hammock Hangers Association 2020 Winter Hammock Hang, click HERE

MSR Pika 1L Teapot

My initial impressions concerning the MSR Pika 1L Teapot surround how light and small it is.  It seems a great way to boil or heat water for backpacking meals and hot beverages.  Concerning it’s ACTUAL weight compared to the published weight, it actually measured .2oz/4gr lighter than the published weight! For full review click HERE