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Intro to Hammock Camping

First thing, I’ll give a little personal history in our dive into hammock camping.  2-3 years ago I borrowed a Hennessy Hammock from a friend to try out in our back yard.  It was a relatively sleepless night as being one who has spent their whole life sleeping in a tent on the {shudder} ground, I kept thinking I was going to wake up to a deer, moose, or bear staring at me through my bug net!

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Dehydrated Shepard’s Pie DIY

I had made some shepard’s pie for dinner one evening so decided to try dehydrating it… LINK


Warbonnet Scandinavian Wooki Under Quilt Review

This is the under quilt you want if you are hanging in the cold!  With a rating of -20F, it will keep you warm in your hammock for sure…


Hultafors Serrated Outdoors Knife Final Thoughts…

Final thoughts on the SOK

Since the last review I have carried the SOK numerous days in my left side Carhartt pants pocket and shoved in my backpack or dry bag when hiking or canoeing respectively. See full review HERE

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight Series .7 Medical Kit

I have now had Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight first aid kit for a number of months and it is quite handy to have around.  Whenever I hang out back in my hammock I clip it to the ridgeline outside the hammock just in case. See final review addition  HERE

first aid kit

Hultafors Serrated Outdoors Knife Update!!

I have used the Hultafors SOK now for about two months.  It has held up pretty good considering the usage I have given it. Read my update HERE