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ABUS YADD-1 Final Update

ABUS Helmet
Out for a ride on a beautiful spring day

I really don’t have a lot to add in my final update but I have enjoyed testing the Abus helmet.  The last few weeks have been great riding weather and as a result, I was able to get in 15 rides since my last update. To read the rest of my final update please click here.

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Abus Helmet Update

Abus Helmet Winter always puts a damper on my riding but there have been enough periods of nice weather that I managed several decent rides.  I also recently changed the way I track my rides, going from Map My Ride to the app that was built into my new Apple Watch.   I did have to put the watch app on my iPhone but no longer even look at my phone before starting a ride.  I just hit the crown dial, select the exercise icon and then open a ride.  It takes a lot longer to say it than actually do it… But this review  is about the helmet.  And to read the rest of my thoughts please click here.


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Sherpa Adventure gear Khumbu Pant Final Update

Sherpa Adventure Gear Khumbu pant I have continued to wear the Sharpa Adventure Gear Khumbu pants for overnight hikes as well as day hiking.  At the risk of repeating it too much… I have been absolutely blown away at just how comfortable these pants are.   As an added bonus they are very water resistant, so much so that I have not bothered packing rain pants during all my testing.  To read the rest please click here. 


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Sherpa Adventures Gear Khumbu Pant Update

Khumbu Pant I’ve now worn the Khumbu pants on 2 overnight hiking trips as well as several day hikes and even while riding my bike a few times.  They have performed flawlessly and I am blown away at just how comfortable they are.  To read all about it please click here.

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Final Update: Showers Pass Apex Merino Tech T-Shirt

Showers Pass Apex Merino Tech T-shirt I have thoroughly enjoyed testing the Showers Pass Apex Merino Tech T-Shirt.  Perhaps partly because I was wearing it while doing activities I enjoy, but I can truly  say the shirt performed exceptionally well and met my ever expectation.  You can read my final thoughts along with the rest of the review. by clicking here.


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ABUS YADD-1 Bike Helmet

ABUS Yadd-1 I’ll be testing the Abus Yadd-1 bike helmet over the next few months.  It is found in the urban style helmets offered by Abus.  It is designed with air flow technology to help keep the head cool.  So far it seems very comfortable and on a hot ride I could feel the airflow out the rear vent.  To read more of my initial thoughts please click here.

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