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Final Update: FlashBlade Recharge Multi-Tool 2.0

I really got to put the FlashBlade Recharge Multi-Tool 2.0 to the test this month. While moving a one-bedroom apartment the FlashBlade came in handy.

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Update on the FlashBlade Recharge Multi-Tool 2.0


FlashBlade 2 Multi-tool

I have been using the UST Brands FlashBlade Recharge Multi-Tool 2.0 for the past month. Check out what I think of this multi-tool.

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By Kat

FlashBlade Recharge Multi-Tool 2.0


UST Brands FlashBlade 2 Multi-Tool

I received the UST Brands FlashBlade multi-tool, which is a foldable multi-tool product. The neat thing about this multi-tool is along with the variety of tools on the product itself; it also has a small LED for lighting. Read more here. 

By Kat

Final Update Oofos-Oolala Sandals

oofos I highly recommend these Oofos sandals to people who run or workout and have their feet in skates or skis or anything where your feet take a pounding and they need a break. I will be getting another pair of these. Check them out here.


Final Update on the CloudLine Switchback Technical Socks

Cloudline Switchback This will be my last report on the CloudLine Switchback Technical Hiker Socks. I must say I have been impressed so far. Read more here.



Update on Oofos Oolala Sandals

oofos Take a look at my update on the Oofos Oolala Sandals here.