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GCI Pico Arm Chair a last look

Review by Arnie P

GCI Pico Chair

GCI provided the Pico Arm Chair for review purposes.

GCI Pico Arm Chair a last look

The weather has improved from cold and rainy to hot humid and sometimes rainy. In my last look, I will focus on comfort, adaptability to various surfaces, how far I was willing to carry the GCI Pico Arm Chair. I have stayed in the chair from one hour to up to four hours.

Why would I use a deck chair in the house? It is a comfortable chair takes a small amount of space. On a warm rainy day, I wanted to do a lot of reading and quickly found that my recliner was too warm to sit in due to the high humidity. To read more please click here.

Moji Massagers

Moji Curve PRO and Foot PRO massagers

Moji Curve PRO and Foot PRO massagers

I put in a lot of miles and would even classify myself as an ultrarunner or maybe crazy runner who puts in around 50 miles a week running and hiking.  This type of mileage along with work and life stress leads to stiff muscles. Moji is a company who creates massage tools to help relieve sore muscles.  I will be using two of their tools over the next couple months – Moji Curve PRO and the Moji Foot PRO.  Read on for my initial thoughts on these massagers.

Leatherman Juice CS3 Multi-tool

Leatherman Juice CS3

Just a little something to take on my next adventure!  The Leatherman Juice CS3 just arrived.  Coming from one of the most well known tool companies, I’m anxous to try it out. .  A small but useful tool that is easy to carry.  Check out what I’ve found so far HERE.

Leatherman Juice CS3




Final Update: Merrell Agility Peak Flex Shoes

Over the past month I wore the Merrell Agility Peak Flex Shoes hikes in California, Utah, and Arizona. The longest hike was seven miles in dry sand that made the anticipated hike more of a challenge.

Read on. 

Jenn K.

LOWA is going to Iceland

LOWA Maine GTX Women's snow boot

LOWA Maine GTX Women’s boot

Next week, I’m heading to Iceland for some exploring, camping and hiking.  I’m trying to travel light, so I’m only taking two pairs of shoes.  My LOWA Maine GTX shoes for exploring in town, and my LOWA Aerox GTX® Surround‘s for hiking.  The Maine’s arrived back in the winter, but are intended to be a casual, spring/summer/fall shoe. I think they will serve the purpose, especially since we plan on doing a lot of walking.  Read about the Maine’s HERE.


LOWA Aerox GTX® Surround Women’s shoe

Just Arrived!

I’m really looking forward to doing some hiking in Iceland in 10 days!  Coming with me on my hikes will be the LOWA Aerox GTX Surround Women’s multi-use shoe.   We (my daughter and I) plan on camping and hiking while there, with some kayaking thrown in.  These LOWA s are definitely lightweight, so lets see how they do on the hikes.  Read more about them HERE

LOWA Aerox GTX shoes

Aerox GTX® Surround Ws








These shoes were received for review purposes.