Getting Started Geocaching


by Susan

Geocaching, verb. To find, place, or maintain a Geocache. I have been Geocaching since I was about 7 and took to it immediately! Geocaching is like a treasure hunt with a GPS (Global Positioning System) instead of a treasure map. The GPS can only get you so far before you’re forced (well, maybe not forced but you get what I mean) to look around for the cleverly disguised container. It can be anything from a magnetic key holder to a 2’-by-1’ metal box. It can have anything inside it from a small slip of paper to sign your name on, to a bag of toys to trade.


  1. To get something out of a Geocache you should trade something for it (which is why we carry around a bag of McDonald’s toys!).
  2. Always put a Geocache back where you found it! Not following this rule can mess up other people that are looking for it!
  3. Be very careful not to let Geo-muggles (people who don’t Geocache) see you find it. A while back my school had a Geocache but it got muggled (tampered with). So sad.
  4. If a travel bug (see next paragraph) is taken out of a cache you do not have to trade for it but please put in another cache soon and be sure that you log it on the web page.
  5. Respect private property please.
  6. Have fun!!!!!

Travel bugs

Travel bugs are anything and I mean anything with the travel bug dog tag attached to it. They move from place to place with Geocachers who pick them up in one cache and put them in another. But be warned.  My wrath will fall on anyone who breaks etiquette rule #4 in any way! I have a travel bug that is named lucky lady. It is a small vacuum sealed lady bug beanie baby. It disappeared when a lady said she put it in another cache but it hasn’t been found.

Me and my little sis out Geocaching
Me and my little sis out Geocaching

Finding a cache

It’s really simple.  Just go to the web site below and put in your postal code to see caches near you.

Or if you want to go farther, put in longitude and latitude. That easy. Oh, and be sure to log on the website that you found it!

Placing a cache

Dad looking for a cache
Dad looking for a cache

To place a cache first, choose your container (you need a free account also). Some people have a theme with their caches.  You then need to go out to the desired spot and record the latitude and longitude from your GPS. Next submit the coordinates to for the moderator to read and approve. If your cache is too close to another cache the moderator might ask you to move it. But first look for a few caches!


(Yeah, I don’t know how to spell it)

Well, this is all I have to tell you! If any further questions or want to hide or seek a cache go to…


Or put a comment down below and I will try to answer!

3 comments on “Getting Started Geocaching

  1. I really enjoyed your article Susan. It is fun to read and well written. As a non-geocacher I am now interested in giving it a try. Why not? I love the outdoors.

    Happy Trails
    Mrs. Ohio

  2. Susan, you must have inherited your writing skills from a favorite aunt. This was fun to read and almost makes me want to climb around on some rocks!

  3. I plan on doing this with my family someday. Great article…you really make geocaching sound fun.
    Mrs. Longmire

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