How to Fish 101

I have been a fisherman for as long as I can remember. One of the most important things that my father instilled in me was a love for the water and fishing.  What was not apparent till much later in my life was how serious my father and finally I were about fishing.

Whether it was late nights on the lake chumming the water with dog food so we could have an all night run at the best crappie on the lake or being covered in fresh squid while deep sea fishing off the Florida coast, fishing was something my father and I did together without complaint or competition. My coworkers and friends in my adult life are the same type of avid fishermen as I am and it never hit me till recently that there might actually be people who do not know how to fish.

The whole idea of wanting to fish, but not having a clue about how to start had never entered my mind as being possible because fathers taught their kids how to fish in my world.   I have been doing it for so long with so many people, I just figured that everyone knows how to fish, but this is apparently not so.  One of my old friends has two young sons and he recently asked me about fishing. I was a bit surprised that he did not know anything about fishing and I was really at a loss about teaching him how. I just know how. My father taught me and some day I will show my kids. It is very much a lead by example thing in my life and experience.

While I was pondering this predicament of how to teach people to fish, I ran across a new item on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. They have just recently created and released via the internet an eleven part video series that is intended to help new people to learn how to fish.

I have not viewed the series yet and I know it is geared toward Texas, but I figured this has to be a valuable resource.  It was passed along to my friend right after I discovered it and then I figured that it might be a valuable resource for everyone who wants to fish but does not have a clue (I have a hard time believing too many of them exist, but that is me).  So here is the link to the “Take Me Fishing” videos by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Hopefully they will be useful to you or someone you know.

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