Changing my Nutrition on the Bike

Changing my Nutrition on the Bike
Feed Zone Portables
June 21, 2014
By Jenn K.

About two years ago I started to spend longer days on the bike. Hundred mile rides were becoming more of a recreational training ride. At this point I started riding double centuries and I actually enjoyed it. I was looking to change my nutrition to natural and non-packaged foods. So I started experimenting with eating just real food on the bike such as bananas, nuts, oranges, and apples. The real food was making me feel like I had more energy and I felt full. However, I was missing something that I could not put my finger on. I did some research on calories, fuel, gastric absorption, and sugar content of foods for my longer rides. I also wanted foods that do not have a high fat content to decrease to likelihood of my stomach becoming upset.

Skratch Apple Cakes
Apple Rice Cakes

So I kept experimenting and a friend of mine gave me a rice cake on a ride. I thought why would I eat this on a ride. Well that initial thought did not stay with me long. I can think now of a bunch of reasons why I would eat rice cakes on a ride. After consuming my first rice cake I was hooked. I then had to find out how to make these scrumptious snacks. I came across the Skratch Labs –Feed Zone Portables Cookbook and started making some of the simpler rice cakes that were an interest to my taste buds. I started making the Apple Rice Cakes then the Mochiko Rice Cakes and later progressed to the Date & Almond Rice Balls. It is difficult for me to decide on a favorite.

They stay fresh all day in my jersey when wrapped in the parchment foil. Sometimes If I am taking more than two cakes I will wrap them in the foil and store them in a plastic bag. It seems like I never become bored alternating a main fruit in the Apple Rice Cake recipe. I have made it with Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

What I like most about the rice cakes is that they taste natural and fresh. They do not have a processed or cardboard taste. Also they have a higher water content than traditional energy bars, which keeps me better hydrated. From reading the Feed Zone Portable Cookbook I also had a better understanding of nutrition, hydration, and how to increase performance through my nutrition. It actually worked. I can ride 200 mile double century rides, place first solo female, and have no hydration, cramping, or “bonking” issues. I decreased the fat content I was consuming on the bike, increased hydration content in foods and drink, and balanced out my sodium/protein/carbohydrates. I believe that most of this is attributed to the changes I made in my nutrition. I now enjoy eating on the bike when I am working hard and it does not seem like a chore.

Feed Zone Cakes
Mochiko Krispies Rice Cakes and Date & Almond Rice Ball (cake form)

At first I found the rice cakes a little time consuming to make; except for the Mochiko Cakes. But as I made these weekly the process became less laborious. I purchased a small rice cooker and a sushi mold press; this cut down on preparation time and clean up. With the sushi mold I can make a perfect rectangular block that can be cut into smaller pieces. I found that the sushi mold makes the pieces uniform and there is less mess since I do not have to spread the rice mixture in a large pan and cut the pieces by hand. I wrap the cakes like a present in parchment foil. This serves as a non-stick wrapping to keep the rice cakes moist and fresh.

I think it is important to consume foods while participating in my cycling training and events that make me feel good, are of natural/real ingredients, and give me a great deal of nutrition in a compact portable size. I plan on making my own food for my longer training rides and events for years to come. This has really changed my life.

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