Outdoor Retailer Show Day 2

Day 2 of the Outdoor Retailer Show was a great day visiting with manufacturers and see all the new items.  I spent some time checking out new stoves.  Jetboil is entering the small standalone stove market with their Mighty Mo.  It is a neat looking folding stove.

Outdoor Retailer 2016
Jetboil Mighty Mo

Primus has increased their two burner stove line.  One of the cool features is that there is tray below the burners that is removable for easy cleaning.  They also have a cast iron skillet that comes with their stove for cooking burgers or bacon.

Outdoor Retailer 2016
Primus two burner stove

Primus also has a cool little roll up kitchen set.

Outdoor Retailer
Primus roll up kitchen utensil set

Primus also has entered the long spoon market with their aptly named Long Spoon.  It has a triangle shaped handle and angled spoon head to make digging into the bottom of camp food bags easier.

Outdoor Retailer 2016
Primus Long Spoon

Camp Chef is also entering into the backpacking stove market with several new stoves as well as revamping their two and three burner stove systems.

Outdoor Retailer 2016
Camp Chef backpacking and car camping stove line up

Of course the end of the day brings some levity and enjoyment brought on by happy hour.

Outdoor Retailer 2016
Happy Hour

What’s even better is that this picture was taken with my iPhone inside of the new Clear View Waterproof Pouch from Travelon.  They also have a neat line up of security backpacks with various features to protect the items in your backpack from thieves and other unsavory characters.

I also got to spend great time with our friends at Backpackgeartest.org at the Keenfest.  John and Kathy Waters are great friends, this is them on the Keenfest Ferris Wheel.

Outdoor Retailer 2016
Kathy and John Waters at Keenfest

Check back tomorrow for more updates from the show!