Summer 2017 Outdoor Retailer Show – Update 2

By Jason B.

Day 2 was another busy day meeting with numerous companies to see the new line up for spring 2018.  Here are a few of the companies and gear that I saw today.

I started off the day at the Tailwind booth meeting Corey Reese, an ultra runner and writer.  I am always excited to meet the “famous” ultra runners.  I am always encouraged by how down to earth everyone is.

Cory Reese signing his book Nowhere Near First.
Cory Reese
Jason and Cory Reese

Mountain Designs is a new company to the United States, but they are the REI of Australia.  They are looking to begin distributing their products in the U.S. this fall.

Mountain Designs
Mountain Designs Booth

Altra running is introducing a new lineup of road running shoes made specifically for racing.  The Vanish R is less than 4 oz with a 14mm stack height, the Solstice is 6 oz with a 23mm stack height, and the Duo is 8 oz with a 31mm stack height.  They are super light.

Altra’s new road line up

Advanture Company is a cool company that will customize your van for outdoor adventures.

Advanture Company
Advanture Company – customizes your van for adventure!

Cauldryn is a new product that can boil or keep water and drinks warm through the use of a rechargeable or ac plug.


Trigger Point has a new foam roller with built in vibration for even deeper muscle relief.

Trigger Point
Trigger Point Grid Vibe

Fuel Belt has revamped their line up with new belts with storage and a new line of hand helds including one that can hold an iPhone 7 on the outside of the bottle.

Fuel Belt
Fuel Belt’s new line up

Gregory has added a new line of Ultralight packs to their quiver.  Also they are breaking into the travel luggage market with their Quadro Roller line.

Gregory Optic and Octal Ultralight Packs
Gregory Quadra Roller line.

Hammock Bliss has a cool Sky Tent set up that includes their hammock, integrated bug net and tarp.  The asymmetrical hammock also has an asymmetrical pad sleeve to optimize the comfort while sleeping.

Hammock Bliss
Hammock Bliss Sky Tent
Hammock Bliss
Hammock Bliss pad sleeve

This is only a sample of what I saw today.  Check back tomorrow for my last update!