Update Sealskinz Cold Weather Glove

Review by Arnie

Sealskinz WP Cold Weather Glove
Sealskinz WP Cold Weather Glove

This test of the Sealskinz WP Cold Weather Glove period began normally with the weekly Wednesday group hikes in Harold Parker forest continuing until they were discontinued due to the social distancing advisory. I continued my testing by taking walks in my local neighborhood early in the morning. The weather gave me an opportunity to check out the ability of the gloves to keep my hands dry and warm. We did have a warm spell then the morning temperatures did drop to 20 F several days.

On the Wednesday hikes the starting temperature was 20 F. My exposed parts such as my face felt cold, especially when I could feel the wind. My hands were so warm and dry that I removed one of the gloves to see if my senses were working properly. It was not long before I had both gloves doing what these gloves do best — keeping my hands warm, dry, and comfortable.

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Hiker Hunger Outfitters Hammock Set

Hiker Hunger Outfitters hammock set Follow along as I review the Hiker Hunger Outfitters Hammock Set which consists of an 11 foot hammock along with the needed carabiners and a set of tree friendly straps.  And all for a very reasonable price of around $40.   I have already slept in the hammock for one night and was very pleased with how comfortable it was.  Of course I added my own insulation and tarp as the set alone doesn’t have everything needed for a night in the wild.  I eventually plan to add a bug net to make it a formidable overnight hammock in the deep southern woods I frequent.  To read more on my initial thoughts please click here.


Coy Boy

Final Look – EcoVessel Port Wine and Whiskey Tumbler

Final Look - EcoVessel Port Wine and Whiskey Tumbler
Lunch time coffee break on the AT

The EcoVessel Wine and Whiskey tumbler is a great little cup – it performs as advertised!

Since my last update, I have used the EcoVessel Port Wine and Whiskey while on three overnight backpacking trips on the AT in Maryland;  for coffee on two long dayhiking trips on the Maryland AT; and of course for hot and cold beverages while at home. Temperatures ranged from 28 F at Pine Knob Shelter on the AT to the mid 50’s during one of my lunch coffee breaks on a day hike.

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