Aladdin Transform Recycled and Recyclable 16 oz. Mug

By Jenn K.

This mug was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of this review.

Aladdin Transform

Aladdin Transform 16 oz. Mug

It seems that many companies these days are getting into using recycled or recyclable content. I think this is a good thing; especially if the quality of the products is unchanged. The Aladdin Transform Recycled and Recyclable 16 oz. Mug is made with what is called eCycle injection molding polypropylene blend (Aladdin’s proprietary mix of recycled plastics). This eCycle content consists of 97% recycled food grade polypropylene; 25% of which is post-consumer content and is recyclable where recycled plastic is collected. All Aladdin’s eCycle products are FDA tested/safe and are BPA free on food contact surfaces. They also use recycled plastics that are cleaned and processed to meet a high standard of quality.

Now I can feel like I am doing my part in helping the environment while I am using my reusable, recycled, and recyclable mug!

The Aladdin Transform Recycled and Recyclable 16 oz. Mug comes in three colors: Fern (green), Lily (purple), and Lake (blue). It is also available in a 12 oz. size. The mug measures 3 inches wide at the top opening and approximately 2 ¾ inches wide at the bottom. It has a height of 8 ½ inches; measured at the highest point of the lid.

Aladdin Transform Mug Lid

Aladdin Transform Mug Lid

The mug has a threaded lid that has a flip-top to expose the drinking spout. The flip-top has a softer rubber compound that is exposed when it is flipped open. It is actually shaped to fit the drinking spout and the small air hole in the lid. The lid is designed with an upward curve near the drinking spout. The lid is easily threaded on and off the mug. The flip-top needs a hard press with the palm of my hand to close it and I am finding that I need a great deal of force to open it with my thumb.


Some great features of the Aladdin Transform Recycled and Recyclable Mug:

  • Made with recycled and recyclable content
  • BPA free
  • Car-cup friendly (also can be placed between the knees while sitting)
  • It is tall and slender (slightly wider at the top)
  • Threaded cap with a flip-top to expose the drinking spout
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe

Update 12/13/10

I enjoy at least one cup of coffee in the morning to start my day; most of the time I am rushed to get to my morning destination on time. The Aladdin Transform Recycled Mug has been filled each morning to make sure I get my java fix. I have taken it with me in my car on the way to work or to the local trails. If my morning java is cooled by the time I am ready to drink it at work, I just put the mug in the microwave to heat it up. The mug fits nicely in my adjustable cup holder in my car and in my exterior duffle bag bottle sleeve. I am happy to say that when the top is threaded on correctly and the flip top is closed there is no leakage from the mug.

The mug is made of a durable plastic that has not melted when placed in the microwave or scuffed when I dropped it a few times. The thick plastic of the mug helps insulate my beverage to keep it warm on my morning commute. What I like about the exterior of the mug is that it is not a slick plastic; therefore I have a good grip on the mug most of the time. I admit I am a klutz and I tend to drop things.

The Transform Recycled Mug has been washed mostly by hand. When it was time to wash my dishes in the dishwasher I placed it on the top shelf. It washed up nicely and there was no melted plastic. The inside of the mug retains a slight coffee smell after it is washed.

There are only three things right now that bug me about the mug. The flip top is hard to open and close. It takes quite a bit of force to flip the top open and to close it. Also when the flip top is opened and I am drinking from the mug my nose hits the rubber (to seal the spout) on the flip top. Lastly, when I have a few last sips of my coffee left and I tilt the mug too far to drink from it, too much coffee spills out and I have a small mess. I found that I can control this by not tilting the mug back as far and by watching how fast I tilt it. Otherwise the spout works well and prevents spills while I am drinking.

Update 1/14/11

I am still enjoying my morning coffee in my Aladdin Transform Recycled and Recyclable Mug. I am really happy with this mug as it is durable; holds a perfect amount of coffee; leak free; dishwasher safe; and microwaveable. It also has a diameter that is not too large or small therefore it fits nicely in my hands and in my gym bag bottle sleeve.

The flip top is still somewhat challenging to open and close. To open it I can not just use my thumb. I have to use two of my fingers and I feel like I am prying the top open. When I close the flip top, I am basically smacking it closed with the palm of my hand. I can press it closed with a hard push from my fingers but, it is just easier to use my palm.

After using this mug for another month I noticed that when I am taking a drink I am not as bothered by my nose hitting the rubber seal on the flip top. I generally do not notice it as much. However, I am still spilling coffee on my face when the mug has a few mouthfuls of coffee left. I think an air bubble builds up at the spout, but I am not sure. Lately I have just been dumping the last few swigs of coffee down the drain, just so I do not have to deal with any spills. Otherwise the spout works great.

I plan on using the Aladdin Transform Recycled and Recyclable Mug on a daily basis to get my Java fix. Thank you for the opportunity to review this product.

The Aladdin Transform Recycled and Recyclable 16 oz. Mug retails for $9.99 and can be purchased at

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