CamelBak Eddy .75 L Bottle

By Jenn K.

The manufacturer provided this product for review purposes.

The CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle is marketed as being a spill proof bottle with a flip-top bite valve that has been redesigned for increased durability and faster flow.  This bottle is made of BPA-Free Eastman Tritan Copolyester (this makes the bottle clear, vibrant, durable, and dishwasher safe). The Eddy bottle holds 25 ounces of liquid or .75 L and has markings on the exterior of the bottle to indicate the amount of liquid. The bottle dimensions are 3 x 3.5 x 10 inches (8 x 9 x 25.5 cm).

CamelBak Eddy The Eddy is designed with a screw-on cap with a medical silicone grade Big Bite Valve. The valve flips closed and has a finger push tab to assist with opening. When the valve is flipped open a clicking sound can be heard indicating that it has been released and another click sound indicates that it is locked in place. It is closed by pressing the valve towards the cap. A clicking sound can be heard when it is locked in a closed position. The bottle has a BPA-Free straw that attaches inside the lid to the valve. This straw almost reaches to the bottom of the bottle and is easily attached and removed from the bottom of the cap. This bottle is designed to be used with or without the straw. When using the straw there is no need to tip the bottle to take a drink.

To take a drink is easy with the straw. 1. Flip the valve open. 2. Bite the valve. 3. Sip/suck

And without the straw: 1. Flip the valve open. 2. Tilt the bottle back. 3. Bite the valve.  4. Sip/suck

The cap of the Eddy has an integrated loop to hold the bottle with one/more fingers or would enable the bottle to be attached with a carabineer or cording to another object. I am not one to frequently attach my bottles to my packs because I don’t care for them swinging when I walk. I will see how much this bottle swings when attached to my pack.

I like having the idea of a straw in my bottle. I like to use straws when dinking out of some canned drinks and I find that I drink more and hydrate better when using a straw. I am excited to see if I actually drink more when using the Eddy Bottle. I like the markings on the side of the bottle; it gives me an accurate idea of how much I am hydrating.

All components of the Eddy are top-rack dishwasher safe. And the Eddy can also be hand washed.

Update 6/30/12

The CamelBak Eddy Bottle has been used for the past month while on fitness hikes, walking on the beach path, during outdoor yoga, and while in-line skating. The bottle has held up well; only a few small dings after dropping it on the pavement a few times. These dings are located on the bottom rim of the bottle.

What I like most about the Eddy is the versatility to drink from it with or without a straw. I will admit when I use the straw I noticeably drink more. The straw is easy to insert and remove from underneath the lid. Another feature I like is the bite valve. When clicked in place it stays in place and there has been no leaking from the valve or mold on the silicone.

Since the straw does not go all the way to the bottom of the bottle I can’t get all of the liquid out when using it. But it leaves less than an ounce at the bottom. Of course I can forgo the straw to be able to get every last drop of my water.

I attached the Eddy to a small day-pack using the lid hook while on a fitness hike. The bottle swung back and forth and it was noticeable, but not so much that I minded it. I just personally prefer to transport my bottles in the side pockets of my backpacks. And I had no difficulty placing or removing the Eddy from the side pockets of my packs.

The Eddy is easily cleaned. I have been mostly hand washing the Eddy and letting it air dry. On a few occasions I placed the Eddy in the dishwasher. None of the components became discolored or melted from the heat. I just prefer to hand wash my bottles, mostly to prevent mold as they are used on a daily basis.

So far I am pleased with the Eddy. There is no mold and most importantly the bottle has not leaked. The flip open valve is easy to use and I am definitely hydrating myself more when drinking through a straw.

I plan to still use the Eddy Bottle on day-hikes, fitness hikes, and during yoga.

Final Update 8/5/12

The Eddy Water Bottle has been used the past month while enjoying the outdoors on fitness walks/yoga hikes, in-line skating at the beach, and for staying hydrated at work. While in-line skating the bottle was secured in my CamelBak waist belt/bottle holder and during hikes I held the Eddy Bottle or secured it in the outside pockets of my backpack.

I really like the Eddy Bottle; mostly because I feel as though I hydrate more while drinking through a straw. I also like the flip-open valve feature; I can take a drink without the straw and there are no issues of the water missing my mouth or splashing out while I am walking. I found that with the Eddy Bottle I can easily drink without stopping my activities. Also when the straw is used, it stays in place and is not moving around inside the bottle as would be the case if it was not secured to the lid.  I also like that the bottle is clear; so I can actually see how much fluid I am drinking and accurately gauge when it is time to top it off.

The Eddy Bottle cleans up easily and there have been no signs of mold growing in the straw or the cap. I have filled the bottle with both plain water and water mixed with electrolyte sports drink.  The inside of the Eddy has been cleaned easily with a bottle brush. The inside of the straw and the lid hole/straw attachment has been cleaned with a small brush designed to clean the inside of tubes. I always remove the Big Bite Valve prior to cleaning the bottle and leave it off to dry. The bite valve is large enough to clean with a small brush or a dish cloth.  I have also placed the bottle body inside the dishwasher for a deep/hot cleaning, but I prefer to wash it by hand since I use it almost daily.

The Eddy still only has one imperfection on the outside of the bottle from dropping it on asphalt. Even after tossing it in my work or gym bag there is only one ding.  The silicone Bite Valve is holding its shape and has not leaked. The fluid level indicator markings have not worn off with washing and use.

I found that I do not enjoy using the Eddy Bottle while spending time on my bikes. This type of bottle does not work well for biking as I have to flip up the bite valve to get a drink. That is just not working out as I have to pay attention to the road or trail ahead.

I am happy to say that I am very pleased with the Eddy Bottle. It does not leak, enables me to stay more hydrated with the straw feature, and it has not become infested with mold.

This bottle is a keeper and I plan to get much more use out of the Eddy Bottle as I enjoy it for day to day usage and while enjoying my outdoor hikes, fitness walks, and in-line skating.

The Eddy Bottle retails for $15.00 and is available in the following colors: charcoal, clear, grass, navy, plum, raspberry, and sunset. The Eddy bottle comes with CamelBak’s Lifetime Guarantee. For more information please visit

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