Cebe Eyemax Sunglasses

Since 1892 in France, CEBE has been producing eyewear for climbers and expeditions. Acquired by Bushnell Outdoor Products in 2009, the brand “determinedly sets its face to the future, CEBE is constantly looking for new horizons to conquer.”

The CEBE Eyemax sunglasses are apart of their Sportstech line.  The model as tested is the CBEYEM1. Thanks to CEBE for providing these glasses for review purposes!

The Specifics:

Model as Tested: CBEYEM1

Weight: 2.04 ounces (58 grams)

Frame Material:  TR90 Nylon

Frame Color: Shiny Black

Lens Color: Perfo Brown

Fit: Medium Profile faces.  The sunglasses sit VERY close to the eyes.  It’s not uncomfortable, but it’s close to being a little unnerving.

The Features:

-Ultralight: At only 2.04 ounces (58 grams), you can hardly tell that they are on your face.
-Vented, anti-fog lenses: The slits at the temples allow for more air-circulation to prevent foggy lenses.


-Wide Field of View: The Eyemax glasses offer a large field of view without any kind of optical distortion.  This is especially helpful when doing technical activities (cycling, rock climbing, etc.) where any type of distortion could spell disaster. I think that the caveat with this feature is that while you have a wide field of view, the glasses sit very close to your face.  The closer the fit, however, allows less sunlight behind the frame of the glasses.

Cebe Eyemax Sunglasses

-Anti-slip rubber temple and nose grips:  This is a great feature that ensures your glasses stay on your face.

Nose Grips
Nose Grips
Temple Grips
Temple Grips








-Optical Insert option for those with prescription lenses. 


-Photochromic Lenses: CEBE offers Variochrome lenses which offer 100% UV/UVA Protection while changing shades to allow differing amounts of light through lenses according to the conditions.  This feature is especially exciting because so many outdoor environments involve constantly changing conditions and lighting.  The changing shades of the lenses means that you aren’t having to take off your glasses when the weather shifts and put them back on when things clear up.

Check out these two videos that I made to show the lenses changing colors.  I initially covered the lenses to shield from light and recorded the change once the light contacted them.

Indoor Lighting:

Outdoor Lighting:


As you can see, the CEBE Eyemax sunglasses are very versatile and can be used in a range of lighting conditions. I will be using the glasses while cycling (mountain and road), hiking, backpacking, running, in the car, and anywhere  else I need some eye protection. Check back in about a month when I do my first update on the glasses and assess how they have performed.

-Kaleb R.

Update #1: 9/12/12

I’ve had the CEBE Eyemax sunglasses for a month now and I’ve used them in a variety of activities. I have had them on my face nearly anytime that you’d normally wear sunglasses:  road biking, driving in the car, hiking, jogging, and everyday use.

I really don’t have any complaints about the sunglasses so far. When I first tried on the glasses I was somewhat skeptical of the brand that I had never heard of. However, they have been well suited for every activity that I have used them with.


I have another pair of good quality sunglasses that hang by the back door and yet I am finding myself consistently grabbing my Eyemax’ as I head out.  They are very comfortable, due in part to their super lightweight build, and the rubber nose pieces and temple pads.  They stay on my face in the right position most of the time, but I do have to push them back up my nose every once in a while when I am on my bike.  This mainly happens when I am sweating and the perspiration reduces the friction that normally keeps the sunglasses in place.

The Eyemax sunglasses sit very close to the face. I have a fairly pronounced brow line and this has created a little issue with the fit at the top of the lenses where my eyebrows make contact with the lenses. This is only an issue during activities where I am sweating a lot and the sweat can build and cause the lenses to fog.

Photochromic Lenses:

I can’t sing the praises of this feature enough. When I first saw the Eyemax glasses I thought I was dealing with a pair of safety glasses as light as the lenses were. Once I stepped outside, however, I realized the genius of these glasses. I have enjoyed this feature especially when on my road bike.  Many rides in the summer start early in the morning because of the hot temperatures here in the South. This hot weather and high humidity means that sunlight levels between 7 am and 10 am can change drastically. With the photochromic lenses, I can put the Eyemax glasses on at the beginning of my ride in lower light conditions, and leave them on when the light is heavy at 10. This is my favorite feature of the glasses so far.

I have found the CEBE Eyemax sunglasses to be a welcome companion in a variety of activities.  I will continue to put them through the ringer and will have my final update in about a month.

-Kaleb R.


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