EarthLust Stainless Steel Bottle (20 oz.) for Cold Beverages

By Jenn K.

This bottle was provided by for the purpose of this review.

EarthLust Stainless Steel Bottle I received the Poppy design of the EarthLust 20 oz. Stainless Steel Bottle. I have to say “Wow”! The craftsmanship and the details of this bottle are beautiful. It looks so nice that I am afraid to use it. Not really, but I hope you get my point. The bottle is a slender design and is primarily white with painted poppies in blue, green, and grey. The EarthLust logo is also painted on the bottle. The design does not wrap around the entire bottle; it is front facing. It appears that there is a clear-coat over the entire bottle to protect the detailing and the paint.

The EarthLust Stainless Steel Bottles are BPA free. They are made of #304 (18/8) food grade stainless steel and have a polypropylene #5 (recyclable) cap. From my reading this is a high quality of stainless steel and is supposed to be durable. It is also the type of stainless steel that is used in dairy transport, brewing, and for medical uses. Stainless steel is  known to be rust-proof, easily cleaned, sanitary, durable, and can it be recycled.

The EarthLust bottles are California Proposition 65 friendly. This is the California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. This proposition was created to protect Californians and the state’s drinking water sources from chemicals that are known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other harm.

The bottles are not stock bottles and they have custom designs; some are limited editions. The bottles are painted with a non-toxic type of paint and are handmade (ethically) in China. They are also designed and tested here in the United States in my current home state of California. The bottles also have an optional sport top available as a separate purchase directly from EarthLust.

The cap of the bottle is threaded and twists off the top of the bottle. There is a ring hole at the top of the cap that has a ring attached with a carabineer that has the EarthLust logo printed on it.

The height of the bottle measures just over 8 ¼ inches without the cap. With the cap it measures just shy of 9 ¾ inches. The diameter of the opening measures almost 1 ½ inches and the bottle base has a diameter of 2 ½ inches. The bottle weighs 6.90 oz. with the cap and carabineer.

Care (from the product hang tag):

  • Do not microwave
  • Carbonated beverages can build up pressure
  • Clean before using
  • For consumable liquids only
  • Hand wash
  • Using diluted vinegar or baking soda is ideal
  • 1% For the Planet Member

Update 12/13/10

During the past month I have used the EarthLust Stainless Steel Bottle almost every day. It has gone with me on fitness walks, short hikes, and to work. I was very excited to try this bottle as I have never owned a stainless steel water bottle. Over the past month I got many complements on the design and colors of the bottle. I must say it is very pretty for a stainless steel bottle.

I am happy to say that after using it for the past month there is no odd smell inside the bottle. This was a concern to me since I have been filling it with plain water and water mixed with flavored electrolyte mix. It has been washed with just regular dish soap and water. I have yet to see a need to clean it with vinegar or baking soda.

When I fill the bottle, I leave just a small space below the inner rim of the bottle. If I fill it to the inner rim and place the threaded top on, the liquid contents spill out to make room for the depth of the cap. When I fill it this way the bottle holds 20 ounces of liquid. When I leave some extra space in the top of the bottle, (so that the cap threads on without any spilling) it holds 19 ounces.

The bottle is not insulated. Therefore very warm or hot liquids should not be used in the bottle. I filled the bottle with very warm water and I could instantly feel the heat from the liquid against my hands when I held it. When I fill it with very cool water the bottle becomes quite cold. I noticed that the liquid inside the bottle rapidly cools or warms quickly. This depends on the outside/room temperature. I also noticed that condensation forms on the outside of the bottle; depending on the temperature of the liquid and the environmental temperature. This can be expected as it happens with all the other bottles I own.

I am glad that the top does not leak. So many times I have filled bottles and tossed them in a bag and found out later that they leaked. The top is easily threaded on and off the bottle. I have removed the carabineer clip and the attachment ring from the bottle top. I am not a fan of hanging bottles off my pack; mostly because I do not like the feeling of a bottle banging around when I am walking or hiking. I like to stuff my bottles in the side pockets of my pack. This bottle is very slender and it fits well into the side pockets of all the backpacks that I own. I have no desire to use it right now in my bottle cages on my bicycles. While cycling it is very impractical and dangerous for me to drink from a bottle that does not have a spout opening. Plus I am afraid that I will scratch the paint of the bottle by storing it in a bottle cage (all my plastic bottles are scratched).

The opening is a good size. It is not too big or small. I can easily drink from the bottle without spilling the contents all over myself.

I do have some bad news. The bottle looks like new except for where it took an impact when I dropped it on the ground. There is a very small ding near the bottom of the bottle and some of the paint chipped off. The good news is that the remaining paint is intact and the cosmetic blemish is barely noticeable unless the bottle is turned upside down or on its side.

Update 1/13/11

Another month has gone by and I am still happy with my EarthLust Stainless Steel Bottle. For the most part I use the bottle everyday. I take it with me to the gym, to work, on fitness walks, and on hikes. The bottle has been tossed into my gym bags, backpacks, and dropped onto the ground (yes, a few more times). After dropping it on a sidewalk again, I noticed another ding in the bottle and another small area that the paint chipped off. However, the bottle still looks nice with the white background and poppy design.

During the past month I used the bottle to store plain water and my recovery drink. After washing the bottle I could not smell any hint of the recovery drink nor did my plain water taste like the recovery drink when the bottle was filled again. I cleaned the bottle one day with vinegar; mostly just because I was cleaning my coffee pot and I had some left over vinegar. The vinegar had a strong smell in my house and inside the bottle initially. However, when the bottle was washed a few times with soap and water I could no longer smell the vinegar inside the bottle.

The only thing I could wish for in the design of this bottle is some insulation or a double wall. When I put a very cold drink in the bottle the outside becomes very cold. When I have a drink with ice inside the bottle, the exterior becomes so cold that it is impossible for me to hold it for any length of time. When I needed to transport the bottle while containing cold liquids I placed it in a pack/bag or held it by the carabineer clip (I put it back on the bottle for this purpose). Also liquids do not hold their temperature for a length of time in the EarthLust Stainless Steel Bottle. This is not a flaw, but it is because of the non-insulating design. This is another reason why it would be nice to have this bottle insulated.

At the gym I have been using the bottle while exercising on a spin bike. There is a cup holder on the bike that is large in diameter, but I just lean the EarthLust Bottle to one side in the cup holder or I stand it upright.

What I am most happy about is that the bottle does not leak. The threaded cap stays on tight and is easily threaded on and off. I am still not a fan of the carabineer clip for attaching the bottle to a pack. However, it comes in handy when I do not have pack and I need to carry the bottle full of iced or super cold water.

I foresee myself in the future using the EarthLust Stainless Steel Bottle on a regular basis. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this product.

The EarthLust Stainless Steel 20 oz. Bottle retails for $16.95 from

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