FlashBlade Recharge Multi-Tool 2.0

This product was provided from the manufacturer for the purpose of this review.

By: Kat

resized952016092895210113 To learn more about the FlashBlade I visited the UST Brands survival gear site. It is a very user-friendly site as I found my way around quickly and without stress. The site has great pictures of the products with plenty of information. UST Brands is based in Jacksonville, Florida and has been making products since 1936.

I received the FlashBlade multi-tool, which is a foldable multi-tool product. The neat thing about this multi-tool is along with the variety of tools on the product itself; it also has a small LED for lighting. It is on the heavy side with a weight of 8.4oz, but it looks durable and has many features. The multi-tool feels good in my hand (comfort wise-not too big and clunky) and has plastic on the handhold area. The whole tool looks like a good quality of steel. It is easy to open and all the tools are easily pulled out with a fingernail. Overall I like the look and the features of the FlashBlade. I would say it is a big item to fit in a pocket comfortably but would go well in a backpack or glove box of a car, but I shall see.



Below is a list of all the tools on the FlashBlade:

  • Bottle Opener
  • 2.5 inch Blade
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Ruler/Scale
  • Pliers
  • Wrench
  • Wire Cutter
  • Coarse/Fine File
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Saw Blade
  • Can Opener
  • LED Light



The FlashBlade is meant to be something that can be carried in the car, hiking or even around the house. The charging cord for the LED is included and it charges by USB.

Here are a few features of the LED:

  • Run Time: 2 hours
  • Charge Time: 1 hour
  • USB Charging Port
  • Push Button Light Switch

Check back next month for an update after some field use.

Update one month: November 2, 2016

img_20161102_191036 img_20161102_191128


Since receiving the FlashBlade Recharge Multi-Tool 2.0, I have kept it with me almost wherever I go. I put it in the car if I will travel and my purse or backpack if around town or out at school. I have also used it in the field at an archeological site. I have to say the FlashBlade has been a handy tool to have with me. So far I have had a chance to use the knife, can opener, pliers, and the Phillip’s head screwdriver. I found the knife to be a good size and sharp enough to cut many objects such as rope and cardboard (or similar objects). I also used the knife to cut up some tarp when I was out in the field and I was surprised that the knife was able to cut through the tarp. As for the can opener, I have to admit, I like a P-38 military can opener compared to this one. It opened a can, but it was not easy and took some hand strength and patience. The Phillip’s head screwdriver is a great size and fit everything I used it for. I grabbed it when one of my cabinet hinges was loose and used it to tighten up some screws on a stand I have in my bedroom. The pliers are almost full size and the use of both handles enabled me to use the pliers with no difficulty. The other tools that are in the handle I used with one of the handles folded as this allowed a good grasp on the tool and made the it more easy to use. The one feature that is cool on this multi-tool is the LED. I have used the LED feature a couple of times as a mini-flashlight, but the cool thing is that the LED clicks and stays on and the light can be used while using the tool. This makes it great for nighttime usage.

img_20161102_191110 img_20161102_191051

Overall I have been happy with all the features on the FlashBlade and I should be using the rest of the features in the month to come. Check back then for an update.

Final Update: December 18, 2016

I really got to put the FlashBlade Recharge Multi-Tool 2.0 to the test this month. While moving a one-bedroom apartment the FlashBlade came in handy. Breaking down boxes was a snap with the knife. Once the boxes were out of my way, putting together furniture was next on my list. I used both screwdrivers on the FlashBlade to put some furniture together. I do admit that that straight blade screwdriver could have worked a little better (the edges are slightly rounded), but a Philips screwdriver works better for me in almost any application. I was building IKEA furniture and I decided to use the file to help make the pegs fit in the holes better. Next up was to hang pictures; it was great to have a wire cutter available to allow me adjust the wire on the frames. Over the last few weeks I have kept the FlashBlade in a drawer, but I grabbed it whenever I needed a tool to get some things together in my new place. All the little things that needed to be done to get my place ready have been taken care with this tool. It made my move easier than digging through my tool chest for all the tools that are on this multi-tool. I know this would be a great tool to take out camping and I plan on putting this in my pack for every time I head out on a hike. It is a durable, well-built tool, and worth the cost. I wish I had three: one to keep in the car, one in the house, and one in my pack.

The cost of the FlashBlade Recharge Multi-tool 2.0 is $29.99 on the website. For further information, visit www.ustbrands.com.