i360 White Sport

i360 (www.ithreesixty.com) offers a hands free, wireless work out to wrap your head around, or rather that wraps around your head. The i360 fashionable music infused apparel has an internal wiring system (wires are washable) with dual detachable speakers integrated into their custom head band with an option to insert your iPod Nano or second generation Shuffle. Buttonhole speaker and iPod pouch openings make it easy to plug in your iPod and connect to speakers.

Enjoy your music no strings attached.


First off, my apologies to everyone for not posting this review sooner. It has been more than a bit crazy around these parts lately! That’s what happens when the end of the school year and the beginning of my busiest photography time of year overlap. Yikes! At any rate, back to the topic at hand…

I had the pleasure of trying out the i360 Sport Infused Headband. This particular model was intended to be used with the iPod nano, which meant that I had to steal my husband’s when he wasn’t looking (I have the Classic iPod). Here is what it looks like once you get your iPod into it:


At first, I will admit that I was mildly frustrated by the amount of effort it took to get the iPod in to the headband. Being brand-spankin’-new, the openings are a bit tight. But, in the end, it was definitely worth it. I wore it while walking around my house and my husband was able to talk to me and actually get an answer back since I could actually hear him over the tunes! I was skepical at first about the need to really rid myself of the dangling wires that I’ve become accustomed to when walking my dog with my iPod on. However, the i360 definitely made me a believer. I was able to move about freely and not have the earphones pulled out or the iPod slip away. The only issue that I ran in to was the iPod slipped a bit within the headband itself so that the dial was a bit hard to access. I also recommend that you start your iPod before putting it in unless you are planning to listen to whatever comes on. The band makes it impossible to see the screen once the iPod is in it.

But, with all that being said, the i360 is making me want one thing to happen right now that nothing else has been able to do before. I want it to snow. Yes, it is just starting to get nice out, and I want it to snow. Why? Because this thing is going to be AMAZING to snowshoe with next winter!!! I overheat like it is my job during the summer, so the last thing I want is one more item of clothing on. But it also means that I’m generally too warm for a hat in the winter. But this takes care of that in fine, multifunctioning style. Now I’ll be able to take my pup, Digby, out snowshoeing while I catch up on my NPR podcasts. And I’ll make it home with my ears still attached. Seriously. I want it to snow. Right. Now. My husband will have to learn to deal with my iPod classic in the winter from now on since I’m going to be using his nano instead. Yes, folks, I’m excited for winter already. And the i360 Sport Infused Headband is why.

If you are someone that sweats a ton, but can’t live without your music, I definitely recommend checking this thing out. They have many styles to fit both male and female users (my husband claims he’d never wear the one that I have) and you can use it with the Nano or the Shuffle. Perhaps you’re wife/husband/mom/dad loves to go for walks in the morning. Well, I can sense a gift idea in this item. I’m not trying to plug a product that I wouldn’t use myself. To the contrary. I’ve been rocking this thing during my morning walks with Digby. But I’m still holding out for the fluffy stuff to hit the ground. Snowshoeing is going to be even more awesome next winter now!

So, go check out their website for yourself.

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