iFrogz Custom Headphones

Funny name – really cool idea!   iFrogz lets the purchaser design their own iFrogz Custom Headphones.   There are three styles that are completely ‘design your own’ and other products that allow you to pick the colors you want.    Picking out the color and style I wanted was really fun – the kids ‘helped’.     The custom design is great – but the sound quality is the most important thing when picking out headphones.

iFrogz Custom Headphones

Custom Nerve Pipe headphones

I fly a lot, and find the noise on the plane very irritating – not so much the babies, but the engine noise.   So my first use of the headphones was on my way home from the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City.   I flew from Salt Lake, to Minneapolis, to Manchester, New Hampshire.  Long day of being in airports and on airplanes, both noisy and boring.   I put on headphones on the first plane ride, and listened to some podcasts and music.  I was impressed with the sound quality.  It was nice to be able to listen to some podcasts (TED Talks) and music without hearing all the noise of the plane.   I fell asleep to some old tunes and woke up as we were landing in Minneapolis.  I was able to recharge my iPhone at the airport, and then listen again on the next flight.  I was still tired, so I eventually turned off the music, and fell asleep.  The headphones stayed over my ears, which usually doesn’t happen with ear buds.   I was suprised – and happy to ‘hear’ nothing – no plane noise, no chatter, etc.  The headphones blocked out everything, even with the music off.    I was impressed, and since flying is not my favorite pastime, they definitely will be in my next travel bag.

Since this is an outdoor site, of course  I had to see how they worked outside.  I decided to take them out in the kayak with me for a short paddle.  I ended up spending a few hours at the lake, and wore the headphones to listen to some music.  I paddled around the lake, and was very impressed with the way the headphones stayed in place and didn’t get in my way.  The wires are long enough to plug into my iPhone, allowing the iPhone to stay in the dry pack and the headphones to reach my head.  It was a nice paddle around the lake on one of our few nice days. I was pleasantly suprised that my ears didn’t feel hot from the headphones.  It was about 85 F, and very sunny.  I was warm due to the reflection of the sun on the water, but my ears weren’t any warmer than the rest of me.

I’ve found the sound quality to be very good, and the headphones are comfortable.   I will continue to wear the Nerve Pipes, and will report back.  I am especially curious to see how they do snowshoeing this winter.  Ear buds don’t seem to stay in place, and they are hard to wear with any type of hat or headband.  I think I can wear these with a buff.

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