Kenmark Sports: Armband Water Bottle

By Jenn K.

This product was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of this review.

Kenmark Sports: Armband Water Bottle The Kenmark Sports Armband Water Bottle is a way to carry 16 ounces of water and some personal belongings while enjoying hiking, running, skating, or walking. I plan on using the Armband Water Bottle while on my fitness hikes, walking, and in-line skating.

The Armband Water Bottle has a pocket that houses a water bottle, two hook-and-loop straps to attach the band/bottle to my arm, and a detachable clear pocket. The hook-and-loop straps are adjusted with D-Rings which allow for a customized fit.  The arm band is more easily secured to my arm without the bottle and then adding the bottle after it is filled.  When the bottle is full the Armband Water Bottle weighs 1 lb. 9.20 oz.

The detachable clear (via hook-and-loop) front pocket is designed to store a phone, MP3 player, keys, money, and miscellaneous small items. The clear front pocket is designed to allow for touch screen use on a smart phone or MP3 player. The front pocket is on the small side; I can fit a key, MP3 player, a gel, and some cash in the pocket. My phone can fit inside the pocket, but with nothing else. And I am happy to say that I can operate my phone’s touch screen through the clear pocket.

Water Bottle The Armband Water Bottle has a black 16 ounce aluminum bottle included that has a wide mouth opening and a twist-off top. The twist-off top is plastic, but has some rubber on the inside of the cut-out of the bottle top. Per the manufacturer this bottle is designed to be durable and to last. The bottle is to be hand washed and hot liquids should not be used as the exterior of the bottle will become hot. Also the bottle is not to be washed in the dishwasher.

There is a flap that secures the bottle inside the arm band pocket. This hook-and-loop flap can be folded back to access the water bottle quickly.

I used the bottle after work on a short fitness hike. I felt the Armband Bottle to be bulky and I had a lopsided feeling, but it was nice to not be carrying a pack or a bottle in my hand. I hope to get used to the bulkiness. The bottle was easily accessed from the arm band pocket. While walking the Armband Water Bottle slid down my arm some and I had to fuss with tightening the straps, but that was just a first time use.  I may need some time to get used to adjusting it better.

Update 10/10/12

For the past month I used the Armband Water Bottle on fitness hikes and while in-line skating. The concept of being able to wear a water bottle on my arm is a good idea, but it is not working out so well for me.

First let me start with what I like about this product. I like that I can use the touch features of my smart phone through the removable clear pocket. The pocket has not become unattached from the weight of my phone. If I do not wish to use the pocket it can be removed and that is a plus. I also like that the top flap that secures the bottle in place can be pulled back for easy access.

The bottle has not leaked and the wide mouth makes it easy to fill the bottle. However, when I take a quick drink while enjoying my fitness hikes or in-line skating I must stop my activity or water spills out of my mouth and down my chin. The bottle fits well in the pocket and has not migrated out even with the flap open. But, I have only done fast walks, a light jog, and in-line skating. I have not run while wearing this as I am not a runner.

Now the major issue I am having with the Armband Water Bottle is it makes me feel very lopsided and it is bulky. The Armband Water Bottle also has a tendency to slide down my arm. Especially when I am in-line skating and fast walking during my fitness hikes. I tried to jog with the Armband Water Bottle on my fitness hike for a short distance. And again I had a lopsided feeling and eventually the band slid down my arm. In order to keep the band in place I have to secure it very tight that it is too uncomfortable and intolerable.

Final Update 11/15/12

Another month has gone by and I used the Armband Water Bottle while on two fitness hikes and on two occasions while in-line skating. I am finding that the Armband Water Bottle is just not working well for me. I like the concept of having a bottle attached to an arm band that then can be secured to my arm, but it makes me feel lopsided, is heavy, and slides down my arm. The Armband Water Bottle is also wide and that could be partially why it feels so awkward on my arm. For right now I will just stick to my single water bottle holder that attaches to my waist. Too bad it only has a small pocket to fit my keys inside.

I like the outside pocket of the Armband Water Bottle. It can be removed and I can also use the touch screen of my phone through it. I recently got a new phone and again when my phone is inside the pocket nothing else can fit inside and I have to take the protective case off my phone in order for it to fit.  Plus my phone is on the heavy side, so when the water bottle is full and attached to my arm I feel very lopsided.

The water bottle still has not leaked and is not showing any signs of mold. There is also no odd smell inside the bottle. The cap of the water bottle is easily threaded on and off.

The hook fastener on the armband will attach to clothing/fabric if I am not careful when putting it on or when storing it. I had it attach to wool and when I pulled it off the fabric got pilled. The hook and loop on the Armband Water Bottle is strong, so fabrics beware.

The Armband Water Bottle is still sliding down my arm when I am swinging my arms while in-line skating and on the fitness hikes when I started to jog. I pulled the straps as tight as I could tolerate and after some time the Armband Water Bottle eventually slid down.

I think this is a great concept, but I believe a better fastening technique may be needed and maybe a more slender or smaller water bottle to avoid the lopsided feeling.

The Armband Water Bottle retails for $29.99 and for more information please visit


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