Metro Magic Air Inflator/Deflator

Test by Coy Starnes
Metro Magic Air supplied by Metro for test purposes

Image provided by manufacture

The Metro Magic Air Inflator/Deflator I am testing is the non-commercial version. However, it is still a lot bigger than the inflator that came with my inflatable air bed .  The Magic Air is DC powered (works off a 12 Volt battery using the power outlet common in most vehicles) but is available in 110V, and 220V models. The 12 volt DC model should prove handy for anyone needing  to inflate an inflatable boat and other inflatable outdoor gear when on the go.  Here is what the manufacture has to say.  “The best companion an inflatable ever had. Magic Air takes the work out of inflating and deflating. It is fast, easy to use and produces a high volume of air that makes it ideal for inflating boats, pools, mattresses, cage balls or toys. It’s the perfect companion to any inflatable because it is the perfect inflator. The Magic Air deflates, too. It is lightweight and compact. The rugged all-steel constructed Metro Magic Air features a weather resistant baked enamel finish.”


Motor: .75 hp
Amps: 4.5
Voltage: 12V
CFM/FPM: 70/10,000
PSI: 2.2

Made in the USA.

I don’t own many inflatables (yet) so I was hesitant to offer my assistance in testing the MagicAir® Inflator/Deflator.  However, I do have a full size AeroBed and a “The Bean” exercise ball. I was not sure if I was getting the AC or DC powered unit but since I received the DC powered one I will not be inflating the AeroBed.  It might be possible to get it back in the house fully inflated but the sucker is heavy…  Anyways, I was actually hoping for the DC version since I already have an AC powered one, plus I am considering an inflatable kayak for traveling.

The Magic Air came with two tips.  One is a short pointy tip designed for the type valve you see on most small toys.  The other is longer and not pointy on the end and designed for the bigger air inlet bigger items often employ.  I did a few quick test to make sure the unit works.  Unfortunately, I have not been using my  “The Bean” exercise ball so it was outside in my cold garage. I dug it out and took it out to my truck to give the Magic Air a go.  My “The Bean” has both types of air valves so I tried the short pointy end first but it was not long enough to move the one way flap that keeps the air in the ball from getting  back out.  So much for that method.  I then tried the other tip and things went very smoothly.  In fact, I timed inflating it and it took 1 minute and 3 seconds.  I decided to go ahead and test the deflating feature and it went even faster at only 52 seconds.  Then just out of curiosity,  I decided to see how long it would take to inflate it using the foot pump inflator that came with the “The Bean”.  It took 2 minutes and 11 seconds. In other words, The Magic Air was a little over twice at fast as the foot pump.  Of course on a bigger item I would probably also have to stop and rest since it was more effort than I realized to operate the foot pump.

The Race…

the race
foot pump or Magic Air, which will be faster?
first up, the Magic Air with a pretty fast 1:03 time. PS sorry about the shoe in the photo.
and the foot pump with a time of 2:11, a respectable time, but no match for the Magic Air

That’s pretty much it for now.  It works as advertised and seems very well made.  I’m not sure if my next report update will include inflating any big items (like a nice inflatable kayak) but I hope so.  The good ones are are rather expensive and I don’t want to buy a toy one just to test the Magic Air.  If nothing else, I may take my AeroBed outside and inflate it just for testing purposes.  Stay tuned for the mystery…what will be next…

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