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Updated April 28, 2014


Ravpower PowerSource Gold

Ravpower PowerBankGold

It turns out this little Ravpower Power Bank flashlight/power source is very convenient to have handy!  I’ve used it while camping out as both a light and power source.  I’ve used it many times when my iPhone’s battery dies a little too quickly.  I keep it in my purse during the week – and the light comes in handy when I need to do anything after dark – taking the dog out, finding something in my car, looking for something I’ve dropped, etc.

I’m amazed at how quickly the PowerBank recharges.  In under 20 minutes it can go from flat dead to fully charged.  Once it is then plugged into my phone, the phone is recharged in about the same amount of time.  I will say – it never fully charges the phone.  The average is about 95-97%.  I have not been able to fully use up the battery by just using the light.  I do know it holds a charge with just light use for over two weeks.

The Ravpower Power Bank seems to be pretty durable – I’ve dropped it a few times.  Mostly on the grass or snow, but twice on my paved driveway.  The light was on both times, and it stayed on.  Made finding it after it rolled under the car much easier.  Another nice feature is that the light never accidentally gets turned on.  I was curious about this, since the on/off button protrudes from the bottom of the light, and it doesn’t really take much pressure to turn it on or off.   The light is still as bright as when I first got it, and only dims when the battery is almost dead.

I have found that it will not recharge my iPad, but the iPad can run off the Power Bank.  I know there is a technological reason for this, but I don’t think I can clearly explain it. So, suffice to say – you can run your iPad from it, but not recharge it.

I’ll continue using the Ravpower Power Bank over the next month and then wrap up this review.  I’m hoping to see how well it does as a light source on hikes at night.  I’ll be posting the wrap up in about a month, so check back!

~ Leesa J


March 28, 2014

Is it a lipstick?  A flashlight?  A power source?

No, Yes, Yes

Very compact design allows this Rayvac Luster Series Power Bank to serve both as a flashlight and a power source for a smart phone.   Ravpower out of box

Right out of the box, the Power Bank flashlight lit up.  It has 3 modes, bright, very bright, and flashing.  After trying it out a few times, I plugged my USB cord (lightning) into the Power Bank and my iPhone 4s.  The phone recognized it right away and started charging.  The phone went from a 23% charge to 50% in about 20 minutes.

I’m thinking this could come in handy when I go hiking.  Sometimes hiking in areas with spotty cell phone reception runs down my battery fairly quickly.  I don’t like to turn the phone off though since I use the camera and GPS functions also.  Being able to charge up the RavPower and keep it in my pack may really come in handy.

The operation of this is fairly simply.  To charge the Power Bank, plug the mini USB into the Power Bank, and the USB end into either a computer, or a power supply in your car, or wall outlet.  Once charged, plug a USB cord into the Power Bank, and the other end into your cell phone.  For this, you need to use the USB cord that came with your phone, unless it takes a mini USB.


The bottom of the Ravpower has a mini USB port, a regular USB port and a small button for controlling the flashlight.

I’m impressed with the flashlight – nice and bright!  I find that it is also a narrow enough light that it provides a clear light – even under a shelf.

Bright light

Its hard to take a picture of a flashlight, but this hopefully shows the brightness and size of the Power Bank.

Some flashlights seem to spread the beam so wide, the light isn’t strong enough to look for something specific.  The lower light would be useful if walking in a dark area, as it provides a wider, but not as bright light.  The strobe, or flashing light is good as a signal to others.

I’ll be using this regularly, and looking at how long it holds a charge as a light, and also how long it takes to fully charge my iPhone.  For now, it will find a home in my purse, and move to my pack when I am hiking or snowshoeing.  I’m a bit concerned that it doesn’t have any way of clipping to anything, so it will most likely be loose in my bag.

Some of the particulars:

  • 3000mAh Capacity
  • DC 5V/1A Input and Output
  • 4.25″ x .87″
  • 2.93 oz

Raypower.com supplied this Power Bank for review purposes.

~Leesa J

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