Road ID: Interactive Wrist ID Slim

By Jenn K.

Wrist ID I ride my mountain and road bikes frequently and I believe it is important to have some type of identification with me. However, sometimes a license is not enough as there are neither emergency telephone numbers on it nor any medical information. I will admit that there are rare occasions that I forget to take my license or emergency identification with me. If I don’t have some type of identification with me, I will admit I feel “naked”.

What is nice about the Interactive ID by Road ID is that all the necessary first responder information is stored and managed on the Internet. There is no need to change the information on the Wrist Slim ID plate as this information is updated on the Internet. The first responders access the information by calling a phone number or visiting a Website. Then they would enter the serial and pin number that is found on the back of the identification plate. The identification plate is laser engraved, satin finished, and is made from stainless steel. The ID plate is marketed as being durable, lightweight, and waterproof. The plate is also backed by a lifetime warranty if it ever wears out.

Road ID The Wrist ID Slim is the smallest of the Road ID lineup. The Interactive ID has one line of custom text available and the Original ID has 5 lines of available text. I opted to have my name and birth year engraved on the plate. During the ordering process it was recommended to have this information on the plate.

The Website for the Interactive ID was easy for me to use and to set up my personal information. I entered my personal information, emergency contacts, medications (including dosing), medical concerns, current physicians, and health insurance information. What was nice about the Website is that detailed information could be added to my profile; especially the medication dosing. My current emergency identification does not allow for this type of detailed information to be recorded and the format is not as easy to use as the Road ID Website.

I ordered the Wrist ID Slim in a size medium with a black silicone band. It came in a cool looking metal Road ID case. I also ordered three Wrist Band Slims (blue, pink, and purple) to coordinate with my cycling kits. It was super easy for me to determine what size I would need by using the dollar bill measurement that was found on the Road ID Website. The medium fits me perfectly. It is not overly loose, but there is a little bit of room; which is good as I do not want my wrist constricted. The band is easy to slide over my hand and on to my wrist. The silicone band has some stretch to it. The silicone bands are similar to the Livestrong bands that started the silicone bracelet rage a few years ago. The ID plate is easy to remove from the band and placing it on a band of a different color is a breeze. I like that there is no hook and loop on the band and that it is not fabric. Mostly because I do not like the hook and loop fasteners getting stuck to my clothing and silicone/rubber can be easier to clean than fabric. The manufacturer suggests cleaning the Wrist Slim ID by hand washing with a mild detergent.

I will be using my Wrist ID Slim on my future bike rides and I hope that I never need to have a responder to access my profile. However, having all this information available through an ID makes me feel more secure.

Update 3/2/12

The Wrist ID Slim has been used during the past month while participating in my favorite outdoor activities; mountain and road biking. Luckily for me emergency responders did not need to use the information on the ID to contact my emergency contacts or look up my medical information.

I visited the website to access my emergency information as medical responders would; just to see how the process worked. I entered the serial and pin number located on the ID plate. After doing so, my profile page was viewable with all my information. The emergency information profile could also be printed from this view. After activating the information in this manner I immediately received an email notifying me that my information was viewed. This is a security measure to protect me if the band is lost or if the emergency information was accessed in an unauthorized manner. I then logged into the site to update some emergency contact information using my email address and password. This process was easily completed with no complications. The website is user friendly and formatted in such a way that the information is right there in one view instead of searching in multiple locations.

The Wrist ID Slim is easily placed and removed from my wrist without much stretching involved. The Wrist ID Slim is not tight and constricting, nor is it loose. There is just enough room for it to be comfortable against my bare skin or over my arm warmers. Even after sweating there was no irritation on my skin from the silicone wrist band or the ID plate. I figured after wearing the Wrist Slim on about 10 bike rides I should wash it; just to keep it clean. I could not see any dirt on it and there was no foul odor. I washed it in lukewarm water with dish soap.

I have exchangeable silicone wrist bands in black, blue, pink, and purple. It is nice to have the option to change the wrist bands of the Wrist ID Slim to match my mood or the cycling kit I am wearing. The ID is more easily removed from the silicone band than placing it on the band. Placing the ID on the band takes just a little but more time and patience, but the enclosed instructions explain the process well.

I like the Road ID/Wrist ID Slim. It gives me piece of mind that my emergency contact and medical information can be easily accessed if needed. Also I like that it is not bulky and it is slender in design. Also it is not constrictive, too loose, I can change the band color fairly easily, and it is cleaned easily.

Update 4/11/12

Wearing the Wrist ID Slim Band in Blue

During the past month the Road ID/Wrist ID Slim has been worn while mountain and road biking. I also wore it on a walk while visiting Kentucky. While in Kentucky we had tornado warnings and I realized that the Road ID would be great to have on hand all the time as there are many times I am out shopping, going on short neighborhood walks, or visiting away from home and I don’t have identification on myself.

The ID plate is now getting easier for me to change between color bands. It is not that the bands have stretched; I am just more accustomed to how it is done. I enjoy matching to band with my cycling kits, the change is fun and spices things up. I am considering ordering some more bands in additional colors.

I notice when it is chilly outside in the 50’s that the ID plate feels cold against my skin. It is tolerable as just a small portion of the ID plate touches my skin. Otherwise I hardly notice that I am wearing the Wrist ID Slim. It has not caught on my clothing nor has it turned my skin an odd color. It even fits perfectly over my arm warmers or long sleeved cycling tops/jerseys.

I have not used the Wrist ID Slim for emergency purposes, but it is one of those things that I am glad to have in case I need it. I updated my information again on the Website and it was easily done. The Interactive ID is great and convenient since the ID plate will not have to be changed unless I change my name.

I really like the Road ID/Wrist ID Slim. It gives me piece of mind knowing that I am not alone out there during my biking and hiking adventures. I have been educating my friends and others on the importance of having this type of ID when enjoying outdoor activities. And one person that I met ordered a Wrist ID Slim soon after they saw mine.

I plan on continuing to use the Road ID/Wrist ID Slim for as long as I can and I will continue to pay the annual fee. The small fee is priceless compared to if I did not have any ID and something unfortunate were to happen to me.

If you are interested in Road ID products please visit The Wrist Slim ID retails for $15.99 and the Wrist Band Slims retail for $1.00 each. The Wrist ID Slim and Wrist Band Slims come in three sizes:  Small: fits wrists smaller than 6″, Medium: fits wrists 6″ – 7″, Large: fits wrists 7″ – 8″. There is a yearly renewal fee for the Interactive ID.


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