Ryders Eyewear Zephyr Sunglasses

Zephyr sunglasses by Ryders Eyewear

Brian T

I recently received a pair of sunglasses from Ryders Eyewear (http://www.ryderseyewear.com) called zephyrs. They weigh 7/8 oz (26 grams) and are black with brown polarized lenses. On one side of the arm is the company log and the other side has the name ryders down the side, both in silver text. I have not gotten out to much to hike in them due to an impending ankle surgery, but I have worn them everyday walking around, driving, and doing whatever else I can outside. I have been in the woods with them a couple of times but for short distances, less than a mile at a time, while walking around scouting for elk and bear.

The description from the website is listed below:

Zephyr sunglasses by Ryders Eyewear






PRICE: $39.00

I will start off by saying I have a large head. I normally wear about a 7 ¼ to 7 ½ inch fitted hat. The fit on these glasses are a medium, and just a tad bit too tight for me. I wear them, but after long periods,   (hours at a time), they start hurting the side of my head. Other than that, these glasses have been great.

I love the anti slip nose pads as they hold the glasses in place very well. Combined with the tighter fit , they stay put like they are glued to my face. I also like how the nose pieces are molded into the frame of the glasses. I have another pair of glasses where the nose pieces have fallen out, because they were glued in. While these are removable, there is no worry of them falling out.

I took a few pictures to show the difference with the polarized brown tinted lens. This a view west towards pikes peak about 5 pm in the afternoon. The first picture is just through the camera lens, representing the naked eye. The second picture is with the sunglasses in front of the camera providing protection from the sun. Looking at the clouds in those two pictures shows how much the glare is cut out from the sun.

Looking West without glasses
Looking west without sunglasses
Looking west with sunglasses
Looking west with sunglasses

These glasses have held up well. They came with a soft pouch for storage that doubles as a cleaning rag. They have survived abuse from being propped on my head, dropped from my head, stuffed in a pocket on my uniform, thrown in a backpack, and locked in a car a few days in Texas heat. Plus with my head being a bit wider, the glasses have to flex some to accommodate.

Glasses and nose piece
Glasses and nose piece

I have used these glasses a few times out in the woods, and once or twice while fishing. I was really impressed with how they cut the glare on the water and how I was able to see through the water better. While out hiking in the woods, because they were such a tight fit, I noticed they would fog up when I got too hot. No biggie, it just means I need to slow down, and I’m ok with that!

Overall I have really enjoyed these glasses. They fit a bit snug, but hold up well to my abuse. There is a scratch on the lens and I know how that happened. I put them in my hat with my keys and they scratched. However the frames are very tough. I have dropped them from my head a few times on to concrete, hard wood floor, and in the woods, and they do not show any scratches at all. These glasses are simple, stylish and tough.

Brian T

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