Stuffitts Shoe Savers

By Jenn K.


Stuffitts Shoe Savers are designed to absorb and eliminate shoe odors. They come in sizes small through x-large (kids 12-6 though adult men and women) and multiple colors (blue, red, black, light blue, and pink).  They are easy to use: put them in the shoes, let them do the job of removing wetness and odors, and then take them out.

Stuffitts Shoe Savers are what a chick would call “cute”. They look like feet with the details of toes. There is a band just before the toe area that has “” and “Patent Pending” stitched. The band is only on the top part of the Stuffitts and is where a strap (to carry or hang the shoes with the Stuffitts inside) can be fastened. By looking at the orientation of the toes, I can tell the right from the left. However, if I flipped them over I could still use them just fine.

I am using a size medium; which is sized to fit a 7.5 to 10 in a women’s shoe. The Stuffitts fit in all my athletic and trail runner shoes, and I typically wear an 8.5 women’s shoe or boot.

The Stuffitts smell like cedar, but it is not overwhelming. The filling is made of 100% natural eastern red cedar inserts. These removable cores are marked “Replace every 6 months for maximum effectiveness” and noted where they can be ordered online. I like the cedar smell; it takes me back to the smell of my sweater drawer from my childhood.

The zip off outer lining of the Stuffitts is made of 100% knit polyester. There are no care instructions on the tag of the outer lining, so I am assuming that I can hand wash them.

The cedar core is semi-rectangular and does not completely fill the outer lining. There is a section of the outer lining that has a resemblance of toes. This section has a foam piece that I am not sure can be removed. I tried to pull it out with a small tug and that was unsuccessful, so I think it is not intended to be removed.

I placed the Stuffitts in my stinky trail runners overnight. The shoes smelled better, but the odor was not completely gone. Maybe I should try again. I looked at the manufacturer’s website and there are testimonials, some data and an area to order the Stuffitts. I felt that the website could be more informative with more detailed information about the product, like maybe where the order can be placed. Also it would be nice to have the instructional video in a more user friendly location.

Check back next month to see how I like using Stuffitts in my cycling, athletic, and trail running shoes.

Stuffitts Shoe Savers cost $24.95 and can be purchased at

Stuffitts Shoe Savers Update 2/25/10

Stuffitts in Trail Runners
Stuffitts in Trail Runners

I have been using the Stuffitts for a month now, and I must say that I really like them. They have been handy here in Southern California during our rainy season. There has been a great deal of rain the past few weeks; parks are closed and there were mudslides.

The Stuffitts smell good. They smell of course like cedar, as that is the moisture absorbing ingredient. I used them in my pack boots, mountain biking shoes, low hiking shoes, trail runners, and in a pair of casual canvas lace up shoes.

When using them in my pack boots I found that they initially absorbed a great deal of wetness overnight, but the toe area continued to be damp. This dampness was much better than the wetness that was in the boots prior to using the Stuffitts, but it was still there after several days. So, I took the Stuffitts out of the pack boots and just let them air dry. Maybe they did not absorb all the moisture in my pack boots because the boots are not breathable. At least they absorbed enough water that I would be able to wear them the next day.

My mountain biking shoes became soaked from riding through water and mud. After rinsing the mud off, I placed the Stuffitts inside and I checked them after an hour. It was very noticeable that the water was being absorbed. I could not believe how much water was absorbed in just an hour! They were dry enough for me to wear the next day. They had just the slightest bit of dampness, but this seemed to dissipate as I started cycling and my feet started to warm up.

The fabric of the exterior lining and the inner lining of the cedar insert becomes wet or damp when the Stuffitts are placed in wet shoes. This was not a big deal to me. If they were still damp after the shoes were dry, I just hung the Stuffitts up to dry using the removable strap. The strap can also be used to hang the shoes up while they are drying. I found no need to do that, as I usually place my shoes on a mat or a towel. Maybe this would be a good way to hang them up while car camping or traveling in a car.

I found the inside lining of the shoes dries faster than the outside fabric when using the Stuffitts. This is good, because I do not need the outside of the shoes to be dry to be comfortable.

In my shoes with aftermarket footbeds, I have been removing the footbeds (only if the shoes are wet) before placing the Stuffitts in the shoes. I will have to try keeping them in the shoes and see how that works.

And then there are my shoes that I just wanted to freshen up and get rid of some odor. I left the Stuffitts in them for a few days and they smelled much more pleasant. The cedar smell was not overpowering that I could smell it while wearing the shoes. Plus my socks smelled better.

I am wondering why the cedar does not go up into the “toe” area of the Stuffitts. There is a piece of foam in this area that absorbs some moisture, but not as much as the cedar filled area of the Stuffitts. It seems like the tip of the toe area is the last to dry.

In the past I used crumbled up newspaper to dry out my shoes. The problem with newspaper is it has to be changed frequently. The Stuffitts are a much more hassle free approach. Plus they dry out my shoes faster than newspaper.

I would like to use the Stuffitts in the upcoming month to try to “freshen up” my rock climbing shoes. All my climbing shoes “stink” to say the least.

Stuffitts Shoe Savers Final Update 3/25/10

Stuffitts in biking shoes
Stuffitts in biking shoes

I must say that I absolutely love the Stuffitts! They are a very convenient approach to drying my wet shoes. The rain has finally stopped in Southern California, but the trails are still wet. Therefore, my shoes are still getting wet or muddy.

It seems like every time I ride my mountain bike lately I end up stepping in mud or riding through water. I found the Stuffitts handy to dry my shoes out enough to ride the next day. On a few occasions I had to rinse all the dirt and mud off my shoes and I had to ride the next day. To say the least, they were sopping wet. I put the Stuffitts in my biking shoes and I checked them again in two hours. The Stuffitts were wet, but the shoes were significantly drier. I left them in the shoes overnight and the next day the shoes were slightly damp, but they air dried by the time I was ready to wear them in the evening.

I found that if I leave the Stuffitts in the shoes overnight and then set the shoes out to air dry for a few hours it works better than leaving the Stuffitts in the shoes the entire drying time. It seems that the heel of the shoes is the most difficult area to dry when the Stuffitts are in the shoes. This area seems to air dry just fine.

The cedar scent of the Stuffitts is still noticeable. It is not as strong as when I first started to use the Stuffitts, but it is still making my shoes smell fresher.

My rock climbing shoes stink and they are smaller than my trail runners and my biking shoes. I was able to cram the Stuffitts into my largest pair of climbing shoes and I left them in the shoes for two days to get rid of the odor. The smell was not completely gone, but it was more tolerable and they smelled fresher. The Stuffitts do not fit in all my climbing shoes, just because they are so small and very form fitting. I found that if I use just the cedar core I can freshen-up my smallest climbing shoes.

Since the Stuffitts absorb water from my soaked shoes, they become wet or damp. They dry quickly by hanging them by the strap. But, I also found that they even dry somewhat while in the shoes. Initially (after the two hour check-up) they may be kind of wet (not soaking though), but when I am done drying the shoes the Stuffitts are just damp in areas.

I really love these! Mostly because the Stuffitts do what they are supposed to do and they are very convenient to use. I have yet to wash the outer lining of the Stuffitts; there has just been no need to. The zipper to remove the cedar insert still works just fine. And the cedar smell is still present.

I will continue to use these to dry out all my wet shoes!

Stuffitts Shoe Savers cost $24.95 and can be purchased at

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