Tervis 17 Fluid Ounce Stainless Water Bottles

Tervis 17 Fluid Ounce Stainless Water Bottles

By Jenn K. 

The Tervis Stainless Water Bottles were provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of this review. 

Tervis Stainless Water Bottles in Scribbles In Blue and Celestial
Tervis Stainless Water Bottles in Scribbles In Blue and Celestial

May 18, 2020 – Final Update

During the past six weeks I have used the Tervis bottles in Southern California during neighborhood fitness walks and in my home. The temperatures the bottles were exposed to ranged from the upper 50’s F to the mid 80’s F. My outside use has been limited due to shelter in place restrictions and the closure of city parks and hiking trails. Having the bottles at home definitely encouraged me to drink more. To begin my day I would fill one up and have a goal to consume a bottle before noon. I would then refill the bottle and have a goal to drink two more prior to dinner. It was refreshing to have cool water easily available throughout the day.

The bottles are holding up well. I even dropped one on a tile floor and it did not become indented nor did the design peel off. Even with regular washing the design is still intact with no peeling. There has not been any sweating of the bottles when refrigerated water was placed inside. I noticed the water stays cold for about ten hours. After that it begins to warm some, but is still tasty. Hot water stays fairly warm for about 7 hours, after which there is more of a trend to room room temperature. The bottles still have not leaked, even with vigorous shaking. I tested this by shaking the bottle by hand and placing it in the bottom of a stroller during one of my neighborhood walks.

I will say I think these bottles are a good addition to someone’s bottle collection. They are available in unique designs, are sturdy, do not leak, and keep beverages hot or cold. For more information on these water bottles, please visit tervis.com.



March 23, 2020 – Update

For the past month, I had the opportunity to use my Tervis bottles around Southern California during various activities. They were even a stone throw away from  Mexico on one adventure. Primarily I utilized the bottles at home with cool water to keep me hydrated, at pilates classes twice a week, hiking at Lake Calavera, and fitness walks in the neighborhood twice a week. During my daytime outings, the temperatures during the past month have mostly been in the upper 50’s F to the upper 60’s F. I have found water to stay cool for up to nine hours in these temperatures. Honestly, I did not get to test if water was still cool after nine hours. For one, the bottle volume is only 17 fluid ounces and a person should be drinking more than that in nine hours. Secondly, when I remembered that I wanted to test the taste temperature of the water, almost all the water was gone. I did notice that the outside of the bottle does react slightly to the temperature of the liquid on the inside, but it is minimal. For instance cold water from the fridge will make the bottle feel slightly cool on the outside, but not cold like the temperature of the water. I have yet to notice these bottles sweat. 

The lowest temperatures the bottles have been exposed to was the low 40’s F; during a stargazing party near Mexico. I also took one of the bottles with me to a star party in Borrego Springs, California and the low temperature was 55 F. During the evening star parties, I had the bottles filled with hot coffee and a splash of Irish cream. Hot beverages have stayed warm in      these bottles for at least five hours. 

I am happy to say the bottles have yet to leak with hot or cold liquid. I did jostle them around quite a bit on my fitness walks as sometimes I utilized a pet stroller and I placed a bottle in the bottom storage area. I found that they fit in my center console bottle holder and my door compartments in my car. 

The bottles have held up well. None of the exterior designs rubbed off nor are there any dents. I have not noticed any odd or foul taste when consuming water or coffee from these bottles. The bottom of the bottles have rubber to protect the bottom. I actually like this feature as it protects the metal of the bottom from scratching the surface it is resting and also the added rubber prevents the bottle from being easily tipped over when pushed near the base.  The bottles have been easy to clean with some dish soap and a bottle sponge. I hand washed them and set them upside down on a sink mat to dry. 

So far I am happy with the bottles. The bottles have yet to leak, the designs are cool, they keep my liquids at a favorable temperature, and they seem durable. 

Check back mid-April 2020 to see how I am enjoying these bottles and for how long my liquids are staying hot or cold. For more information on these water bottles, please visit tervis.com.


February 18, 2020 – Initial Thoughts

If you are in the market for a beautiful stainless water bottle look no further. The 17 fluid ounce bottles I received from Tervis are part of the Yao Cheng Collection and retail for $24.99 USD. The bottles I received are the Scribbles In Blue and the Celestial designs. They weigh in at 11.90 ounces/338 grams and have a width at the base of just over 2.5 inches and a height of 9 inches. I cannot tell how the design was placed on the bottle. It appears to not be an adhesive sticker or something that can peel off. Whatever the design is made of, it is stunning and beautiful. 

These bottles are double-wall insulated and designed to keep liquid cold for 24 hours and hot for 8 hours. The bottles are to be hand washed with soap and a scratch-free sponge, and not placed in a dishwasher. The stainless lid twists off and the bottle opening provides a medium sized mouth for drinking. The inside of the lid is plastic with rubber to provide a vacuum seal. Upon initial testing the lid did not leak when the bottle was inverted, which is a plus. Who wants a bottle that leaks? 

Inside of the bottle
Inside of the bottle

The bottles hold 17 fluid ounces of water just below the inner rim before the threading of the cap begins. I placed warm water inside the bottles to measure the capacity and I could not feel a temperature change on the outside of the bottles. However, this needs to be further assessed. When I received the bottles I rinsed them with some soap and upon drinking some water I did not sense a metallic taste. This is something again that will need to be further evaluated with time. 

For more information on these water bottles, please visit tervis.com.



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