Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair

Review by Arnie P

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair provided for review.

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair

The Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity arrived in a cardboard box with minimal markings and shipping information. The packaging comprised of a cardboard box, a thin plastic bag covering the chair and two Styrofoam blocks for secure transportation. glue and tape to hold the cardboard box together.

I slid the chair out of the box. I then picked up the chair from the back, the armrests slid down part way. I stepped to one side of the chair, and while holding the top of the back of chair, I applied a slight amount of pressure on the armrest until the armrests were sloping slightly upward toward the front of the chair. This is the normal chair position. I sat in the chair, checked that the locking mechanism under the armrests were released, put my feet on the front part of the chair near the floor and pushed forward to move the chair into the reclining positions. In the extended position my head was higher than my feet. The locks are easy to apply and as a recliner the chair can accommodate a wide range of positions.

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair labet

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair label


This chair has a detachable pillow that can be slid vertically on the back of the chair. The chair also had a detachable cup holder. The cup holder has three holes in it so it can mount on the right side of the chair with a choice of two positions. A position for use as a chair and for the extended position so a beverage will level with the base of the chair.

Where to buy Timber Ridge

I did not find a manufacturer website for the Timber Ridge. An Internet search revealed many on-line retailers, such as Amazon.com, and many large stores that carry this brand.


The only material mentioned on a tag sewed to the bottom of the chair reads, “All new material consisting of 100%: Polyurethane foam pad.” An instruction label and a warning hang tag. See pictures below.
The armrest appear to be made of wood. The frame of the chair as tested with a magnet is magnetic. The padded material that provides the body contact part of the chair is held in place with a stretchable cord. The cord is looped through eyelets on the padded material and a heavy metal wire that was spot welded to the frame of the chair on the sides. The top of the padded material forms a loop over the top back of the chair and is sewn.

materials tag



Warning label

Warning label



Wood surfaces are smooth with a non-glare finish.
Metal appears to have a baked enamel finish.
Cup holder feels like semi-rigid plastic.
Spot welds appear to be welded by an automated process.


Trade name: Timber Ridge
Item name: XL Padded Zero Gravity chair
Item No.: TRLGR005EA
Color: Earth
Net Weight: 9.51k/21lb
Made in China


Since on the shipping box were the box measurements I measured dimensions for the chair in normal position and fully extended position.

Distance between armrests : 61 cm (24 in)
Distance from top of chair to bend : 76 cm (30 in)
Distance from bend to top edge of seat : 56 cm (22 in)
Maximum width with cup holder : 74 cm ( 29 in)
Maximum width without cup holder : 72.4 cm (28.5 in)
Maximum height of chair at armrest : 65 cm (25.5 in)
Maximum height of back of chair :110.5 cm (43.5 in)
Minimum depth of chair at base : 90 cm (35.5 in)
Maximum depth of chair extended : 168 cm (66 in)

Trying the chair out

The chair is comfortable, and being an XL size I have plenty of space to lay my hands down the sides of my thighs face up with extra space. It is also nice to have a recliner chair for a larger guest. In the recliner position I was equally as comfortable. I had easy control of any reclining position in the range of motion. I felt I did not need to lock the chair into position. I did notice a warming feeling on my back and on the calves of my legs. The temperature was about 77 F when this happened. My weight with clothing was about 85 k (187 lb)
Getting on and off the chair was from the upright position. I found it to easy and quick to move into the upright position from an inclined position.

Further testing

Since this is a patio chair, the next phase of testing will be outside. The chair will be exposed to sun and rain, I will also be using it in warmer conditions. I will also check a few different surfaces. I will also be comparing this recliner to my upholstered recliner chairs.

Initial thoughts

I like the comfort. If the idea that the weight of this chair is a factor they do have a chair with an aluminum frame which should be a lot lighter. I did not know the weight of this chair until I saw it on the container. This will be a limitation when carrying distances become a factor. It is larger than the standard non-recliner chair. This could be a factor in cars with small storage places. One of the good features is that it is a recliner chair that requires less space than most upholstered recliner chairs. I like the smooth action of the chair.

I wish to thank 4allouutdoogs.org and Timber Ridge for the opportunity to test the XL Padded Zero Gravity chair. Please check back in about a month when I will have more to say.