Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6s Case

By Jason B

I am a klutz, I admit it.  I break things easily.  I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6s from an iPhone 4s and I needed a new case for my phone to try and protect it from my klutzy ways.  Urban Armor Gear or UAG makes a line of cases to protect all types of phones and tablets and I decided to give them a try.  I have been using their case for the last month while backpacking, running and everyday use and I am pleased and more importantly my iPhone still looks new.

Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6s Case – Photo courtesy of UAG website

I normally like to include a paragraph or two about the company, but in this case there is almost no information on the company available on their website.  That being said they do have a community section on their website with a blog.  In addition, they have several social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Urban Armor Gear case is fairly simplistic at first glance.  The case is low profile which is nice because phones continue to grow in size and usually a case makes them extra bulky.  According to UAG, the case is made of “a combination of poly-carbonate, hard plastic for structural rigidity, and TPU rubber for impact resistance.”  The buttons for phone functions are large and easy to find and use.  The bottom of the case features three openings for charger and headphone jack access, and speaker.  The case curves around the upper edge of the phone protecting the screen. However, the case does not come with a screen protector, but one can be purchased separately.  The iPhone 6s case retails for $34.99.

I used the UAG case for all my adventures over the past month or so.  This included a 7 hour trail running slog through snow filled valleys in the mountains around Juneau, Alaska; a 40 mile backpacking trip on the Black Creek trail in Mississippi, the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego, and overnight camping trips in Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville, Louisiana. Temperatures on these trips ranged from 90+ on the Black Creek trail to the upper 50’s on a misty June gloom day in San Diego.  Humidity has been near 100% at times, but I have not exposed the case and phone to rain as the case is not waterproof.  While hiking and backpacking the phone was kept in my shorts or hip belt pocket and while running I put the phone in the zippered pocket of my Ultimate Direction Access 600 running belt.

Urban Armor Gear

UAG iPhone 6s Case close up

Using the case is easy.  I removed it from the package and placed it on the phone. The case is malleable and I started at one end and slipped the case around the phone.  When reviewing a phone case there are several characteristics that are important to me – durability/protection and sound quality.  Durability has been great.  The case has no noticeable marks or dings that would show that it has been used.  In addition, my iPhone continues to look new because of the great protection that the case provides.  I haven’t dropped my phone on purpose, but I have dropped it accidentally a few times and the phone has survived intact every time.  I like how the case wraps past the screen by a few millimeters.  It is not much but it seems to be enough to protect the screen.

I have also been impressed with the sound quality while using the case.  The sound quality has been superb while listening to phone calls and no one has mentioned any issues of being able to hear me.  I have also used the phone to play music while it was in the case, and was happy with my ability to hear my music clearly.  I think that the cut out over the speaker helps keep the sound crisp and clear.

At this point the only negative thing I have to say about the case is that I wish it came with a screen protector.  UAG sells a tempered glass screen shield separately on their website.  The screen shield for the iPhone 6s retails for $39.95.

Overall, I am very pleased with Urban Armor Gear iPhone case.  It has proven to be durable and protects my iPhone on all of my adventures while still allowing me to make clear phone calls or listen to my music.

Thanks to 4alloutdoors.org and Urban Armor Gear for providing the iPhone case for this review.