Warming Up with Wonder Warmers

By Suzanne

Reuseit.com, which is an awesome site to find anything eco-friendly, recently hooked me up with a set of Wonder Warmers to try out. I don’t know if you have been watching the weather lately, but we have been hit with a lot of cold temperatures here in Maine lately (and absolutely no snow). I’m typically against using portable/chemical heating pads because I don’t like the waste that they cause. Fortunately the Wonder Warmers are completely reusable. To read about my latest trip outdoors with them, you can read the whole report by clicking here or keep reading for the segment about the Wonder Warmers.

Wonder Warmers
Wonder Warmers (Size Small)
Using and Recharging the Wonder Warmers

Before I even loaded up my car to head to the mountain, I gathered all of my gear together in a happy pile on the kitchen table. One of my newest routines before heading out now that the cold has hit it to get my Wonder Warmers ready to go. Wonder Warmers are reusable heat packs that are available from Reuseit.com in a variety of sizes. Reuseit.com sent me a set of the small packs to test out. The smallest sizes can hold their heat for about 30 minutes while the largest can last about an hour. I typically don’t use chemical heat packs because I hate the waste they generate. But Wonder Warmers can be recharged over 100 times. According to Reuseit.com, “If pad is in solid state, it needs to be recharged. If pad is in liquid state, it is charged. Recharge within two weeks of use and store in liquid ready-to-use state when not in use. Wrap in solid cloth to prevent direct contact with pot when boiling to recharge. Place in boiling water and boil until all crystals melt—about 10 minutes. Doubles as a cooling pack if placed in fridge, too (do not place in freezer).”So, after cooking up a couple of hardboiled eggs, I now wrap up my Wonder Warmers and give them their dip in boiling water to recharge them for my trip in to the cold. They don’t take very long at all to recharge and it is even better when I get to reuse the boiling water that I had used for something else (like my eggs).


When we got to the top of Pleasant Mountain, the views were much better than we had expected. The cloud cover was just high enough that we were able to see the mountain range on the other side of the valley from the rock ledge that is the common resting spot. While we ate a bit of food, I sat Digby down on my lap, wrapped him up in his trail blanket, and then put the Wonder Warmers on to his chest and rubbed his paws on them to melt the snow on this pads. They worked really well at taking the chill off and definitely helped to melt off some of the worst ice balls, yet they weren’t so warm that they hurt. If you want them to last longer, Wonder Warmers advises you to knead them more as they are being activated and to also insulate them a bit. Both of these techniques have definitely increased their heat output and also lengthened their active time. Also, because they are made of a PVC-based plastic, they are really easy to wipe clean if you happen to get them dirty, like I did by putting Digby’s muddy paws on it.

Overall, I love the Wonder Warmers because they’ve been keeping me toasty warm and help to keep the environment clean because they are reusable. The small size is perfect for warming up your hands or toes while the larger sizes look to be perfect for more full body warmth. I dare say I’ll be picking up a larger one for those chilly mornings when I just can’t seem to warm up.

Stay tuned to hear more about the Wonder Warmers and how they help to keep me safe and warm this chilly winter.

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