Wenger Titanium 1 Knife Review

by: Dave D’Abate

Wenger’s new knifes dubbed the Titanium Line were created in collaboration with world-class climber Ueli Steck. From Wenger’s site:

We teamed up with Ueli Steck to create a tool that he uses to make final adjustments to his equipment. We dubbed it the Ueli Steck Special Edition Knife and shortly thereafter the TitaniumLine was born. The Titanium 1 features the same unique blade as Ueli’s knife. It’s 44% thicker than standard blades and is equipped with an amazing 6 functions. The Titanium 1 as created for the extremes and it is also extremely useful for everyday adventures. We invite you to take one along on YOUR next adventure.

The Titanium 1 is an outstanding tool to carry with you no matter your location. The three inch knife is super lightweight at only two ounces thanks to the use of titanium for the handle. The blade is a great piece of work as well with a razor sharp finish along the half-smooth, half-serrated edge. The What makes this knife unique is the inclusion of 7mm, 10mm, and 13mm hexagonal key holes for use swapping out parts on an ice axe or for any other projects where you need a quick hex wrench job done. The blade also features a 14mm flat-head screwdriver built into the opposite side of the cutting edge.
Wenger Titanium 1 Knife The handle of the Titanium 1 is also feature-laden with the sporty locking mechanism. When the blade is locked open, simply depress the Wenger logo and a pin moves the locking lever aside letting the blade swing shut. The locking mechanism is very secure and the blade is securely locked into the open position. Even without a stud on the blade to assist with opening, the Titanium 1 is easy enough to open with one hand. The titanium handle also includes a bit hole for a standard 1/4 inch drill bit and comes with Philips and Flat head bits that slide into their respective slots in the case. The striations in the handle provide plenty of grip when using the Titanium 1 in most uses. Obviously a rubberized grip would excel in wet conditions but I never had any issues with grip and the handle feels great in the hand too.
The Titanium 1 never leaves my pocket and has come in handy on numerous occasions.  Wenger has created a very useful tool with all the additional functions you would need in a pinch. If you feel like a few more tools could fit in your pocket, you would want to check out the Titanium 2 or the Ueli Steck Special Edition knives. The T2 adds a double-cut wood saw and the Ueli Steck version adds a metal file, metal saw, can opener, and a few others.
Check back soon to see how the Wenger Titanium 1 Knife performs everywhere you’ll go.
Titanium 1 Knife provided by Wenger for review purposes.
Wenger Titanium 1 – $140 – wengerna.com

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