Survival Hacks by Creek Stewart

Survival Hacks:

Over 200 ways to use everyday items for wilderness survival

by Creek Stewart


Publisher: Adams Media

Website: Creek Stewart’s Store

“Hacks” are all the rage these days and this book does NOT disappoint in this arena!  This reviewer received the book for review purposes.   I really don’t want to give too much away by adding too many pictures here as I think if you are an outdoors type person, you will want this book in your library.  It includes hacks for everything.  Here is a list of the chapters to give you an idea of the variety included:  Shelter Hacks, Water Hacks, Fire Hacks, Food Hacks, Staying Healthy, Gear Hacks, Forward Movement, and Everyday Carry Kits on a Budget.

I teach hunter safety courses here in Maine and I expect this book will come in very handy in our survival section.  I suspect I will be purchasing a couple copies to give away in the fall.  One hack I noticed that was in the Fire Hacks section was something I just recently had a revelation about.  While I was in my shop digging into my first aid kit (I’m a furniture builder) I glanced at the alcohol prep pads.  All of a sudden, I connected in my Mainer brain that when I teach the first aid section at hunter safety, I can connect it with the survival kit section through those prep pads!  I ran into the house with one and opened it up, dropped it in a frying pan and lit it with a match!  It burned for about 25 seconds!  Perfect for helping to start a fire in a survival situation and noted on page 87 of Stewart’s book.

Here are a couple pages from the book.  The fishing net was quite amazing and I expect my daughter will get to hammering spoons sometime soon.  She’s a nut for all this hack stuff and likely in my next update you will see her messing about with some of the hacks in the book.



Stay tuned for an update in about a month as we try out some of the hacks.  Some pretty good advice would be, try out as many as you can while at home so that when you really need the skill, you have already been successful in a more controlled environment.  Take care everyone and get out in nature!!