Contour HD Helmet Camera

Just before leaving on a week long rafting and canoe trip in Northern Maine, I received the Contour HD Helmet Camera.  I was excited to try it out, and played around with it outside for a little while.  The camera is light – very light.  Stick it in a pocket, and take a chance on forgetting its there.   Mine came with a bike mount, mounts and tether for my canoe, and a clear plastic case.  The case is waterproof and allows for recording.


From Contour:


ContourHD gives you choices. Use the Easy Edit software to dial in your contrast (high, med or low), exposure (-4 to +4), metering (spot, center, avg), and the gain of the microphone, making the ContourHD the world’s most configurable HD wearable camcorder.

Capture the Whole Scene

At 135 degrees, the ContourHD Wearable Camcorder lens strikes the perfect balance in capturing the entire scene without over-distorting the video.

Hours of HD Video

An all-in-one HD wearable camcorder means there are no wires or tapes. ContourHD records to a removable, internal MicroSD memory card, capturing hours of HD quality video (compatible up to a 16GB Memory Card).

With Full Audio

We believe video from within the action is better with sound! The ContourHD microphone does its best to keep the wind noise to a minimum while keeping the sounds of the ride rich. Configure the microphone on your ContourHD1080p camera to the action sounds you want.

Initial Impressions:

The trip on the Allagash was a blast, and I was able to easily use the camera right from the start.  It took some getting used to on my part though.  I had to remember it was hooked to my helmet while rafting, and keep my head pointed where I wanted to record.  The camera is so light, I would forget it was there.  A few times, I found I’d turn to talk to a friend, or look down and end up recording the bottom of the raft.  So far, the only thing I’ve noticed I’d like to see changed is the sounds that are recorded when the camera moves within the waterproof case.  I think maybe a piece or two of rubber inside the case would keep the camera from moving around. Here is a video clip from the first time out.  In about a month I will update this review, and talk about continued use, and editing options and hopefully share a more ‘professional’ looking video.


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