Adidas Climalite X 2 Low Cut Socks

June 2, 2010
by Anderson Bowman


Climalite X 2 Low Cut Socks

  • ·  CLIMALITE® fabric sweeps sweat away from your skin
  • ·  Antimicrobial technology kills odor-causing bacteria and reduces athlete’s foot
  • ·  Low cut; Mesh top for ventilation;
  • · Arch compression for support; Cushioned foot for comfort
  • ·  Contrast 3-Stripes on foot; adidas brandmark on ankle
  • ·  Micro acrylic / polyester / nylon / elastane / natural latex

MSRP: $12.00 US (2 pair)

The Adidas Climalite X 2 Low Cut socks came in the mail at just the right time. The weather has warmed up and this means that I am outdoors a lot more.  This also means that I need more socks to wear, because I am going to be doing something outside almost every day.

These socks look and feel very nice.  I pulled them out of their packaging and slid them on my feet to see just how well they work in the real world of sweaty summer feet and discovered that they fit just fine on my feet (shoe size 10.5) and they are very comfortable too.  They are definitely designed to be worn with hiking/running shoes and not boots, but that is not an issue for me.

At this point I am trying to get some form of running in every other day. My summer plans include a lot of trail and street running, day hiking, and even fishing trips that will involve running shoes, hiking shoes, and maybe even sandals (yes I will wear socks with sandals if needed).  I am hoping that my two pair of the Adidas Climalite X 2 Socks hold up to the wear and tear.

My plans are pretty simple: I will wear them every other day (at the least) and maybe even more. I will wear one pair of socks for a week, and then substitute them for the other pair (so one can be washed).  This means a brutal three months of wear and tear for these socks and I am going to push them to the limit. I need to know if they can hold up, keep my feet comfortable, and stay as stink free as possible during this time.  Southeast Texas (Houston area) is hot, humid, and destructive to just about any piece of gear or clothing I wear.  I will know soon enough if these socks are up to a full scale Texas summer of fun.

A summer full of fun and one special pair of socks

by Anderson Bowman
August 26, 2010

I have been using these socks for over two months and I am more than happy with them.  One of my first compliments is about the color. They are not white and they are not black. The brown color of the Adidas Climalite X 2 Low Cut socks is great. They blend in with any shoes I wear them with and to be honest, I have worn them with my work shoes (to work) on occasion and never been called out.

Over the last two months I have taken them fishing, day hiking, backpacking, trail running, to the gym, and just around town.  My tactic was simple; I used one pair of socks for a week straight, and then switched to my backup pair so the first pair could be washed.

This means that I was wearing one pair every day for a week, and hoping for the best. The good news is that I was not disappointed. The socks were more than adequate in the padding department, but they were not too light to fill my shoes (especially when hiking).  The padding did not compress or wear out over the course of the week and most delightful to me is that they have never really gotten extremely smelly after a week of constant use.

These socks were washed regularly and I consider this the most destructive time for socks. I am happy to report that despite their constant washing, they did not shrink, tear, rip, or otherwise develop any signs of wear.  I have not really tried to be kind to these socks, so they hit the wash dirty and well worn, but they have always come out looking as good as new.

What I find appealing about these socks is not only are they durable, but while not designed specifically for hiking, they do fill an excellent niche. They are low cut enough to go with low cut hiking, running, or cross training shoes and they are durable and padded enough to be used for any of these activities without any compromise in sock performance.

I will continue using these socks and report back in another month. I doubt there is much more I can do with them, but since I know they work well in 95 F + temperatures, I am hoping that I will get the chance to see how much I like them in cooler temperatures.

So please check back in a month to see how well the Adidas Climalite X 2 Low Cut socks are holding up.

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