Baffin Inferno Top and Bottom Base Layer

It is not often someone from Maine is hoping for colder weather in December, but I am.  I received the Baffin Inferno top and bottom base layer last week and finally had time to open it up.  Wow, have thermal undergarments changed in the last few years.   Gone are the days of prickly fabric, harsh seams and unattractive designs.  The Baffin inferno tops and bottoms are just the opposite.  They are soft, sown with gentle seams and in a stylish black, red and gray color scheme that you could wear just on their own.  They are light and very flexible.    They should be awesome in very physical and extreme conditions.
Baffin has a great website at  All the typical information is there; how to order, the products, general FAQ about the products, locations and cost are all included.  This Canadian company also shares its philosophy of philanthropy.  Their desire to support national causes as well as global ones are obvious.  Although it appears their bread and butter products are their boots, they do offer a range of outdoor gear including outfitting a person at all layers from head to toe.
The base layers I have are designed to work in a wide range of temperatures and conditions.  They wick away moisture while retaining the heat.  This material is supposed to wick away moisture quicker than other materials to keep you very dry in cold outdoor conditions.  One of the absolute rules of being outside in the cold is to not keep body heat in but wick away the moisture.  Any moisture not wicked away from your skin will zap precious energy from your body; energy that you cannot afford to lose if you plan on staying outside for a few hours. 
Baffin has a complete apparel layering system and if worn together, is reported to do all of the above.  I will be testing just the Baffin inferno top and bottom without the other Baffin layering products but with a similar layering system.   Baffin’s body layer design is using a merino layer of synthetic fibers, which adds some warmth while adding to moisture wicking.  Really the two main objectives of the first layer. 
I am 6 feet tall and the large bottoms seem a bit big on me. I tend to like first layers that hug the legs with little room to spare.  The sleeves on the top are plenty long enough for my long arms and the hood fits nicely as well. 
I am looking forward to getting out into the cold for a few hours in the next couple of weeks to test garments and can’t wait to see what they can do.