Canada Goose Camp Down Jacket

By Suzanne

When I was first told that I would be reviewing a down jacket, my immediate feeling was that I would be wearing something that emphasized my worst features and made me look like a doughboy that is on tv a lot this time of year. I was not at all enthusiastic. But, Canada Good has definitely proven me wrong. Their Camp Jacket has got to be my favorite jacket ever. It’s the perfect combination of outdoor wear and city active wear. I’ve worn it to go out to dinner at fancy restaurants as a jacket to go with a nice outfit. But, more notably, I’ve also worn it for all of my winter expeditions and come back nice and toasty warm despite the wretched temperatures. My most recent expedition with the Canada Goose Camp Jacket led me to Pleasant Mountain in Maine, which is a small local peak known for great views with minimal time on the trail. To read more about my trip itself, read the full report here. Otherwise, here are my thoughts from the trail on the Canada Goose Camp Jacket so far:

Once we found the trailhead and got geared up, it was time to head to the top. This time I was accompanied by my husband and our 3 year old terrier mix named Digby. Although it was my first hike out in the snow this year, this one was Digby’s last hike until next summer since he’s too small to handle the cold of the winter. I was all nice and toasty warm thanks to the Camp Jacket from Canada Goose […], [which was supplied by the company] for the purpose of review. Starting off with the Camp Jacket, it’s the perfect jacket for both life in the city and your active endeavors outdoors. The sleeves feature stretchy material that ensures that the cold breeze doesn’t draft up. The bottom also has an adjustable hem that can be easily tightened through toggles that are in the front pockets, which, when pulled tight, “seals out cold and wind”. “With the lightweight warmth of 750 fill power premium Canadian Hutterite down, and the packing convenience of easy compression, this jacket features a wind-proof quilted ripstop nylon shell and a down-filled draw cord collar to keep you warm.” It has the perfect fit that keeps you warm without adding unnecessary bulk to your frame, which makes it the perfect everyday jacket as well as for on the trail. Photo of interior of jacket The ability to pack it down REALLY small in to it’s own pocket makes it the ideal jacket to bring with you for those peaks that are warm at the base and freezing up top. It takes up hardly any room at all! Just be careful when you order it because it does seem to run small. The jacket I have is a large and it barely fits me while I normally take a large is most other brands. If you are a well endowed woman, you will definitely need a bigger size as it was not designed for those figures.

Overall, I am thus far pleasantly surprised by the Camp Down Jacket from Canada Goose. It does everything that they said it would while providing me with a great everyday jacket that doesn’t make me look like a marshmallow. The svelte styling and focus on a minimalistic jacket with tons of warmth definitely worked well for this jacket and has made me a believer in down again. This particular model has taken a lot of abuse from me and it still looks as good as the day I got it.

Stay tuned for m concluding thoughts on the Canada Goose Down Jacket and how it holds up to it’s first trip to the cleaners. Hopefully it holds up well because I dare say that I love this jacket.

First Review:
I am typically not the biggest fan of down jackets since I tend to feel, well, big in them. I’m being honest here. It generally just doesn’t work for me at all. And it never seems to keep me warm.

But Canada Goose has converted me. Seriously. How have I been going so long without their Camp Down Jacket?

I have been wearing this jacket exclusively since the temperatures dropped to the point to warrant a jacket. And, just in case you’ve been living under a rock, we have experienced some extreme cold spells in Maine this winter. With my old jacket, I’d be one of the crazies running from my car to the nearest warm place. Since wearing this jacket, I’m one of the lone ones that get to enjoy the fresh air! It has been able to keep me very warm without the need of a shell, even when I’m standing still. And, much to my surprise, it keeps me warm without making me look like a relative of the Michelin Man.

My favorite features of this coat definitely outweigh what I’ve been able to find as “faults”. The cuffs are a great, stretchy material that has kept its shape perfectly since day one. The bottom hem of the coat is also equipped with a shock cord that is easily accessed in the pockets. This means that you don’t need to start searching for those little toggles somewhere around your waist. Just reach in to the pockets and they are right there and easy to use. The neck is also insulated and reaches up my neck a few inches when zipped all the way up. Normally doing such really bugs me because of the zipper. But the Camp Down Jacket miraculously hasn’t caused any aggravation at all. Seriously. What’s not to love about this jacket?

Well, as far as I can tell, there is just one minor point that I’m not in love with. They appear to size a bit on the small size. The jacket that I’m testing is a size large and that is typically enough for me to wear it and potentially a couple lightweight layers if necessary. However, the chest and shoulders are tight enough that I barely can get by with a turtleneck sweater. If I were to get one, I’d likely go up to the XL, which is their biggest size for this jacket. But, beyond that, I can’t find any faults at all with the Canada Goose Camp Down Jacket. If you are in the market for a new coat, you really should check them out.

Stay tuned for feedback from out in the wilds of New England! I bet the Canada Goose Down Jacket won’t let me down at all.