Chaos Beatles 100% Organic Fedora Hat

The manufacturer for the purpose of this review provided this product.

Jenn K.

“The spirit of Chaos is about having unique style. Inspired by the four corners of the world. Chaos style is infinite, untameable, you cannot describe it. Because it’s where fashion and personal spirit mix.” –per the manufacturer’s garment hangtag.

Chaos Beatles 100% Organic Fedora Hat I received the Chaos Beatles 100% Organic Fedora Hat and I was a little concerned if the hat could be reshaped as it was squashed flat from shipping. Luckily I was able to reshape the hat with no difficulty and I was actually impressed on how well it reshaped. The Beatles hat is made of woven raffia and has a natural (oat) color with a fedora style (soft brim and pinched crown). There are some straggler raffia strands on the hat that can be trimmed, but it is not a real concern as they are small. There is a decorative beaded thin band above the brim. It is made of silver hardware and teal color beading. The company logo is made of metal hardware and supports the decorative band in place. Inside the hat is a ribbon band I believe to help prevent irritation on the forehead from the raffia and to collect moisture.

Initial thoughts: The fit of the hat is great-does not slip way down or rides high. It is lightweight and airy. It looks great for a day at the beach or out on the town. I wore it at an Independence Day parade and I got many complements. I can’t wait to wear it around more.

Update 8/13/2017

The Chaos Beatles 100% Organic Hat was worn over the past month to the beach in Oceanside California and while hiking in Utah in the Wasatch Mountains and Park City. The temperatures ranged from the upper 70’s to the mid 90’s. The hat is stylish and I have gotten many complements on the styling and the design. I especially like the beading details above the brim of the hat.

The hat is airy and comfortable. The inside headband lining keeps sweat off my forehead and my face. In light wind the hat will stay on my head, but with a moderate wind the hat will fly off (so at times I have to be careful). The Beatles Hat is basically crush proof. You can place things on top of it in a bag or crush it down and then reshape it and it new. The reshaping does not take much time nor effort. The Beatles Hat does a good job of keeping the sun out of my eyes and provides some shade on my face (depending on the in angle). While at the beach I accidentally spilled my drink on my hat while it was resting on a table. The soda whipped off easily and the straw was not damaged from becoming wet. I am pleased that none of straw pieces have come undone or torn and the hat still looks like new.

Final Update 9/25/17

This will be my final reporting on the Chaos Beatles 100% Organic Fedora Hat and over the last six weeks I have not changed my thoughts on this hat. I have continued to wear it at the beach and around town after. My days at the beach are now limited due to the change in seasons.

I enjoy wearing this hat; it is crushproof, looks great, lightweight, and is comfortable to wear. The inside band is a great addition to making the hat more comfortable, it prevents irritation for the raffia on my forehead. I will continue to wear the Chaos Beatles 100% Organic Fedora Hat, especially when spring and summer roll around again.

For more information on this Chaos hat please visit This hat retails for $24.99 and is only available in one size and in the color shown (natural).