Cotopaxi Women’s Peak T-Shirt

By Jenn K.

Cotopaxi is a unique company that offers products via an online store instead of a retail outlet. This is to reduce retail overhead and provide higher quality products. The company also ties each product to a humanitarian cause in one of the poorest regions of the world. This is determined by the garment type and/or design.

Cotopaxi Peak T The Cotopaxi Peak Women’s T-Shirt was received in a size medium. This is a standard t-shirt size for me. It has a fitted design, scooped neck, and short sleeves. The shirt is a striking blue color that has a washed/faded look. There is a peak graphic and the Cotopaxi name on the t-shirt. The peak design is the Cotopaxi namesake which is the Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador. The material is 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon. This is an ultra-soft, cotton-poly blend that feels soft to the touch. It is also comfortable against my skin.  The washing instructions are to machine wash in cold water, use only non-chlorine bleach, tumble dry on a low setting, and not to iron the decoration.

I initially washed the t-shirt in cool water with a light detergent. The shirt was dried on a medium setting and no shrinking or stretching was noted. The original color has not faded.

I wore the shirt on a day while traveling while the temperatures were in the mid 70’s. I was not sweating while wearing the shirt and there was no foul odor at the end of the day. The shirt felt light and comfortable.  So far I found that like the color of this t-shirt, the fitted style, and the simplicity of the peak and logo design.  The only drawback is I was unable to find a sizing chart online. That would make selecting a size easier. I just based my decision on my normal sizing.

The standard women’s t-shirts retail for $22.00 and are available in the following designs (For Good, Llamatari, Peak, Red Llama, Reflection, and Subtle). There is a limited edition t-shirt available for $25.00 in the design called Join Or Die. The shirts are available in sizes x-small through x-large. The proceeds from this t-shirt supply clean water to one person for 6 months.

Update 8/19/14

The Cotopaxi Peak T-Shirt has been worn for the past month approximately seven times. I have worn it around the house, out in the community, walking on the local bike path nature trail, at the beach, and to work out one time. I have received many complements on this t-shirt. Mostly people ask about the mountain design. I got asked twice if I climbed to the top of the summit of the mountain that is screen-printed on the shirt. That gives me an opportunity to educate them on Cotopaxi and the Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador (which is the company’s namesake). People have also asked me where they can purchase the t-shirt.

The t-shirt looks great. I really find the color appealing. I really like that the cotton is a lighter weight for summer. It is not so lightweight that it is totally transparent, but it is lightweight enough that I have to be mindful what color bra I wear so it is not seen. A black or dark bra would be noticeable. The material does become soaked with sweat when working out. The material does breathe some, but it is not an ideal workout top for me. I would rather something that wicks moisture.

The t-shirt is still very comfortable. The material is soft and feels good against my skin. The cotton has not pilled from rubbing against my backpack straps. After washing the color is still vibrant and there has not been any shrinking or stretching. Also there has been no unraveling of the stitching.

Final Update 9/22/14 Cotopaxi Peak T-Shirt

The Cotopaxi Peak T-Shirt has been worn for another month. It is still holding up well. It has been worn approximately 7 more times.

The color is still vibrant and has not shown any fading even when dried on a high setting in a commercial dryer. Also there has not been any abnormal wear such as fraying, pulled threads, holes in the fabric, or fading of the design.

I still get complements on this shirt when I wear it. And I am still asked what peak is on the shirt and if I climbed it. It actually makes me smile that such a simple design and t-shirt get so many compliments.

The t-shirt is so lightweight that when wearing it on a hot day it does not become sopping wet from sweat, so it does breathe some. However, it does not transfer moisture away from my skin as well as a synthetic t-shirt. But, that can be expected as this shirt is a cotton blend and is not 100% synthetic. Still it breathes better than a 100% cotton shirt. I like the added rayon in the blend. It makes the t-shirt appear to be of a higher quality, makes it soft, and I believe the shirt does not drape on my body like a traditional cotton t-shirt.

The fit is still great. There has been no stretching or shrinking. I like that it has a women’s cut and not a boxy unisex t-shirt style.

I am happy with the Cotopaxi Peak Women’s T-Shirt. By wearing this shirt I am making a difference in the world. I also know that I am supporting a quality company with great values.

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