Dakota Grizzly York Shirt Jacket

Final Update – Dakota Grizzly York Shirt Jacket – March 17, 2020

View from the Jeremy Run trail in Shenandoah National Park

I have continued to wear the Dakota Grizzly York shirt on an almost daily basis since my last update.  In addition to wearing it for my daily walks to the Metro for my morning commute, I wore it on a 15 mile hike in Shenandoah National Park with bone chilling 20 mph winds and temperatures in the teens with the wind chill.  I have also worn the jacket as my outer layer on a weekend backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail in Maryland.  Skies were clear with winds around 5 mph and a low temperature of 28F. In total, I have over 60 miles of hiking with the Dakota Grizzly York shirt.

My three characteristics that I look for are comfort, functionality and durability.  Comfort is an A+!  It has become my go to piece for warmth and snuggling.  I wear it walking to work, while I am sitting on the couch, on cold days, and of course outdoors in camp. The inner lining has grown softer since I first started wearing the shirt, and it feels like I am wearing my favorite blanket!

The second characteristic is functionality.  With the exception of rain, I feel like the York is functional in most conditions.  My hike in Shenandoah National Park, really pushed the limits of the York shirt.  To say it was cold is an understatement, but I was fine in the York, paired with a long sleeve base layer top.  The York did a nice job of blocking the wind, but I did find it got a little warm on long uphills, especially on my back while wearing a day pack. The only thing I feel like it is missing is “hand warmer” pockets.  I don’t really know what to do with my hands when I am standing still.

My final characteristic that I use to evaluate jackets is durability.  In general, the durability of the Dakota Grizzly York Jacket has been good.  The York is finally beginning to look broken in, with just a little bit of fading.  It no longer has that right-from-the-store shine, which I consider to be a good thing.

However, I have noted an area that bears watching.  There have been numerous loose strings on the shirt.  Including a giant long one off of one the chest pockets.  So far these loose threads have not resulted in any lost buttons, but I have a feeling it is just a matter of time.

Extra long string from chest pocket
close up string from the button area on the chest pocket













Overall, the Dakota Grizzly York shirt has performed well. I will continue to wear it at home and on my outdoor adventures.  I can also recommend it for my readers and friends who are looking for a stylish piece that works well on a hike as well as at the local brewery.

Special thanks to Dakota Grizzly and 4alloutdoors.org for allowing me to participate in this review.

Update 1 to the Dakota Grizzly York Shirt Jacket – February 6, 2020

York Shirt Jacket
Taking a quick break during the Klondike Derby

Over the past month I have pretty much worn the Dakota Grizzly York shirt constantly except when I needed to wash it.  I generally walk two miles on the Cross County Trail in Fairfax County to the Metro for my daily commute.  I have also used the York shirt on a backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail in West Virginia/Maryland and on a weekend trip to the Old Dominion District’s Klondike Derby that took place at Harpers Ferry in West Virginia.

Weather on these trips has been fairly typical for these trips if not a little warm.  Temperatures have ranged from the upper 20s to almost 60 this past Sunday at the end of the Klondike Derby.  I have encountered rain while wearing the York shirt.  It rained for several hours on the Klondike Derby weekend, and it rained on several of my walks to the Metro station.

I used the following characteristics to judge the performance of the York shirt over the past month – functionality, durability, and comfort. The functionality of the shirt has been great. I was a little concerned with the 100% cotton fabric and how it would perform under a variety of circumstances.  I am pleased to say that I found that the jacket did a nice job of keeping me warm as an outer layer even in the upper 20s at least while walking to Metro or hiking.  It was adequate for me while stationary or with little activity down to the low 40s.  After that I would look to add another layer.

york shirt jacket
Enjoying the morning sun at the David Lesser Shelter

The jacket has a nice bit of loft to it, but not so much that it would prevent me from wearing a waterproof shell.  At the Klondike Derby, it started raining in the afternoon, so I tossed on a rain jacket and proceeded to take down my “bear trivia and bear bag hanging” station.  I was able to move well with the rain shell on and did not feel restricted.  One thing that I did note was that the York shirt jacket was longer on my torso than my rain shell.  I made sure to tuck the York shirt into my rain pants to keep it from getting wet.

The chest pockets are another good feature of the shirt.  I used them to store my gloves and other essentials while working my station at the Klondike Derby.  I did find them to be a little short to store my iPhone 8 though, as the phone stuck out of the top of the pocket a couple inches.  I also found that I tried to put my hands where handwarmer pockets would normally be in a “jacket,” but the York shirt doesn’t have handwarmer pockets. I would appreciate these being added in the next revision of this piece of apparel.

I will make one comment regarding the cotton fabric.  I did take extra care to not get the shirt wet.  Cotton loses insulative properties when it get wet and takes forever to dry out.

One final comment on functionality – I used the York shirt to cover my stuff sack pillow. This was great – the York is soft and made my pillow feel almost like my pillow at home.  This is also a good segue to the next characteristic – Comfort.

The York shirt jacket is super comfortable. The fabric is soft and flows with me when I move, and the nylon interior feels nice against my skin.  I like that it is a button front shirt.  This allows me to button or unbutton the shirt to adjust to the conditions I am wearing it in.  I usually start with it fully buttoned on my walks to the Metro, but after a mile or so in, I start unbuttoning the top couple of buttons to let me shed heat.

Durability is my third criteria for the York.  So far the durability has been good.  No cuts, scuffs or pilling on the outer fabric.  All the buttons are still tight and I have not noticed any wear on the cuffs or the hem of the shirt.

Thanks for reading my update on the Dakota Grizzly York shirt jacket.  Check back in a month for my final thoughts.

Initial thoughts on the Dakota Grizzly York Shirt Jacket

York Shirt Jacket
Sunset selfie at the David Lesser Shelter on the AT.

Dakota Grizzly is a men’s outdoor apparel company who creates “distinctly crafted and richly detailed apparel” honoring the spirit of the Midwest.  Their clothing shows attention to the finer details such as high end buttons and leather accents, but still retains functionality for use in the outdoors.

The York shirt jacket is an outerwear piece that looks like a flannel shirt but has more insulation than a typical plaid shirt.  It is quilted on the inside with what appears to be a nylon backing.  The outside of the shirt appears to be 100% cotton according to the materials tag.  The shirt seems to be well made with cat eye buttons for the cuffs, pockets and down the front of the shirt.  There are two functional chest pockets and one small interior pocket.  True to Dakota Grizzle heritage there are leather accents on the upper cuffs and on the inside of the collar.  It retails for $88 U.S. dollars and can be found online or in their partner brick and mortar retailers.

My initial impression on the Dakota Grizzly York shirt jacket is a positive one.  I have worn other Dakota Grizzly apparel in the past, and I found that their large size tended to run on the smaller size for my 5’6”, 180 pound body shape, so I asked for an XL York shirt jacket and it fits very well. It has a loose fit, and easily fits over a base layer. I have plenty of room to move while wearing it and do not feel constricted in any way.

I find that the York shirt jacket is very comfortable.  I keep the thermostat low in our house to keep our heating bill low.  Our saying is if you are cold, put on a sweatshirt.  Well, I have been wearing the York and it is comfy while doing chores around the house or just reading a book on the couch.

I plan on taking the York shirt jacket with me on my outdoor adventures over the next couple months.  I will be evaluating it on the following characteristics – functionality, durability, and comfort. Thanks for reading my initial thoughts on the Dakota Grizzly York shirt jacket.

Special thanks to Dakota Grizzly and 4alloutdoors.org for allowing me to participate in this review.

By Jason B.