FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks

Review by Arnie P

FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks

FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks

The FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks were provided for review purposes.

I really like the idea that these socks are 100% American made. I think it reminds me of when I was a child growing up and then almost everything was American made. But over the years most of the goods are now being made out of the United States. I welcome this change and hope it continues. The FARMTOFEET web site has a lot of interesting information about the company for those who have an interest in a comprehensive view about the manufacturing of the product in addition to information on the farms that raise the wool for the socks.  About 5 years ago I became a fan of Merino wool. Now I wear several types of clothes that are mostly Merino wool because of the added comfort under a range of temperatures.


When I first looked at the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks I thought they looked like they would be tight. The feel of the sock was smooth and soft but unlike the feel of a wool blanket. They are a light sock, gray in color with the company logo in 2 spots. I weighted my size large socks at 1.7 oz for a pair. This is about 1/3 the weight of some of my heavy wool socks of about the same size.

FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks

FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks

Trying the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks

I slid them on easily, even though I thought they looked small. The tops are a few inches above my ankle. I will be able to wear these socks with my shoes/ ankle boots as well as my over the ankle boots. The socks fit snugly enough so that there was no looseness in the sock and no feeling that the socks were too tight. There was a nice warm feeling. I wore these socks to an all day seminar. The inside of my car was like an oven on the way home. I experienced a wide range of temperatures and was very comfortable at all times. I could feel I had socks on, but the feeling was eventually distributed all over the sock. There was no tightness anywhere.

Some information from the product hang tag

56% US Merino wool
42% US Nylon
2% US Spandex
Even the packaging is US

weight: sport light
construction: hidden nylon plaiting
cushion zone: bottom of foot
cushion type: full density
height: ¾ crew
warranty: lifetime
recommended care: machine wash cold – lay flat to dry
Men’s sizes
M: 6-8.5
L: 9-11.5
XL: 12-14.5
Women’s sizes
S: 4-6.5
M: 7-9.5
L: 10-12.5

I am looking forward to wearing the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks all day every day for the duration of this test. I will be walking with the dog, hiking, going to the gym, yard work and hopefully some backpacking. Please check back in about a month when I will have more to say.



It has been over a month so it is time to provide an update. I have been wearing the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks on a daily basis(with the exception of 2 days) for about 12 hours a day. I am now doing all my daily activities wearing these socks. These activities include neighborhood walks with the dog, hiking in Harold Parker State Forrest, exercising at the gym, working in the yard, shopping, attending seminars, and the unexpected.

The gout and what I did not expect

I have had gout several times before and thought I knew what not to eat and what amounts would be too much. I never expected to get a flare up after eating 2 steamed clams. It was painful to put on socks so I did not wear socks for 2 days.(the exception I mentioned previously) The end result was my foot was sliding less in these socks and the pain from the gout was a lot less. This is when I also discovered that wearing these socks instead of my regular cotton socks at the gym was more comfortable. More on that in the next paragraph.

At the gym

As mentioned previously I have started wearing the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks at the gym instead of white cotton socks. My experience is these socks don’t get soaked in sweat, they sometimes get damp and usually usually dry out quickly as I wear them after a workout. Drier feet for me is a lot better than damp feet that are prone to skin irritation. These socks are a lot more comfortable than the cotton ones.

Walking the dog

As my daughter’s dog has almost reached maturity, her strength has increased to a point where this part lab dog is in reality taking me for a walk going wherever she wants to go or it seems most of the time. Therefore I need all the traction I can get. With the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks I am noticing less slippage inside my shoe. This was especially noticeable when my foot was recovering from the gout. It is also helpful to keep one toenails trimmed especially for this kind of walk. When a toe nail gets jammed into the end of a shoe there is usually a negative result.

Yard work

The work in my yard this year has involved a lot of dust and the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks seem to filter out most of the dust. My feet are a lot cleaner when the socks come off at night. They are also very comfortable when standing on a ladder for an extended amount of time.

Shopping and seminars

The FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks are great for going shopping and attending seminars. Going from either a hot humid car or walking in the sun to entering a building where the temperature is really cold and dry sometimes causes me discomfort when I enter and even more so when I leave. These socks have dried out quickly under these varied conditions.

First wash

You won’t find these directions in the printed material but it has been my policy to wash my expensive socks this way. I hand wash them in luke warm water with Woolite soap. I then hang them out to dry. It was a hot humid day and it took somewhere between 4 and 5 hours to dry. I learn a lot when I hand wash. I am able to observe the amount of dirt that has accumulated and if there is anything oily in what comes out of the socks. I also noticed there was very little odor even after 5 days of daily wearing.

Hiking in Harold Parker State Forrest

I have been able to join a weekly 2 hour hike in the Harold Parker State Forrest about half the time. The trails are varied, rocky, a lot of small inclines and declines. The group usually has between 20 to 30 hikers. With a group that size the pace is slow to be able for everyone to keep up. I very seldom have to stop to remove trail debris and there plenty there.

FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks in Harold Parker State Forrest

FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks in Harold Parker State Forrest

I will conclude by saying that I am very pleased with the performance of the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks. They keep my feet dry and comfortable, resist odor very well, dry quickly after being washed. In my last report I will look at pilling, and how the socks fared over the review period. Please check back in about a month for a last look at these great socks.

A last look


It has been about 3 months since I received the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks for reviewing. Wearing them almost daily for about 12 hours a day adds up to over 1000 hours. During this period I have continued doing the things I did in my last report. This includes walking, hiking, shopping, yard work, and social events.

The fit

One of the things I really like about the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks is the fit. The socks fits firmly on my foot and there are not any loose areas for the material to bunch up and cause problems. I am sure it helped that this sock was a perfect fit the first time I put it on and it is still a perfect fit. The has not changed for me over this long usage period. The usage has been the equivalent of at least 100 long hikes.

Temperature comfort

When you are someplace and the temperature changes unexpectedly, it usually means feeling some discomfort. You feel too hot or too cold. Being too cold is usually the hardest for me. Most of the time I don’t have something I can put on to fell warm again. The FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks have done a good job in keeping me comfortable when the A/C is a lot colder than I would like. I especially notice this in some supermarkets. This is especially true when the outside temperature is above 90 F and I am coming from a car where the temperature was higher. These socks kept my feet warm and that helped me feel a lot more comfortable.


The amount of pilling on the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks was minimal despite the amount of time used. I had not thought about pilling until I started writing this report. A lot of times I feel I need to remove the pills because the looks seem to bother me.

wear spots

It was not until recently I thought I would look for anything abnormal and that is when I found 2 wear spots about the size of a penny located on the top and bottom of the reinforced heel. I am not surprised since I did wear the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks a lot as mentioned previously. These wear spots are not adversely affecting the wearing of the socks.


I have washed the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks by hand and in my washing machine. The results were essentially the same the same. The only difference being the soap. When I hand wash I feel I have more control and I can evidence the amount of dirt there was in my clothes. I did not use a dryer and all drying was natural.

Harold Parker

I have hiked with a group in Harold Parker at least six times using the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks. I have had almost no trail debris, uncomfortable spots, blisters, or hot spots, just comfortable dry feet.

wearing Greensboro ¾ Crew socks in Harold Parker State forest

wearing Greensboro ¾ Crew socks in Harold Parker State forest


I am liking my experience with the FARMTOFEET Greensboro ¾ Crew socks. They have kept my feet dry, warm, and problem free during a during some very hot and humid conditions. I wish to thank and FARMTOFEET for the opportunity to review the Greensboro ¾ Crew socks.

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