Goodhew Sedona Crew Socks

Goodhew Sedona Crew Socks

Goodhew Sedona Crew Sock in Khaki, image courtesy of Goodhew

I have a thing for socks, so I was pretty happy when provided  with an opportunity to try out the Sedona Crew socks from Goodhew.

What drew me in, you might ask? The Alpaca!  Seriously. Alpaca is a wonderful natural fiber – it’s warm, soft, quite strong, and resistant to pilling or showing signs of wear.  It also happens to have fantastic drape, but generally that’s of no consequence when it comes to socks.

These socks from Goodhew are a blend of 47% lambswool, 31% stretch nylon, 18% alpaca and 4% spandex.    They aren’t as soft as some other socks to the initial touch, but they certainly aren’t uncomfortable at all – I suspect this may be due to the relatively high nylon content (I’m a hand knitter, and yarn is a fascination of mine).  They feature a flat toe seam (as in I don’t feel the seam at all), arch support, mesh upper panels, and moderate padding at the heel and forefoot.

The socks are available in several colors, including khaki (shown above), denim and grey.  In addition to the crew height I received, they are also available in both micro and quarter heights.  I typically wear quarter or crew height socks when I hike – though I will admit, I typically wind up cuffing my crew height socks often – more often than not, this is because my calves are generally too big for the socks – unfortunately the Goodhews are also a bit too snug at the calf when fully pulled up – so I either slouch em down or cuff them.

November 7, 2009

So far so good go the Goodhew Sedona socks.  They aren’t too warm for use, even in the desert southwest, where in some regions it still feels more like summer  rather than deep autumn.  In all cases, I haven’t had to wear the socks in inclement weather (unfortunately we continue to be suffering a rather extended drought), but I have worn them out and about on local trails and also while tooling around town.  I’ve found these socks to be quite comfortable, other than the snug leg fit as already noted.  I haven’t noticed any shifting or bunching in the variety of footwear worn (trailrunners, low boots, and every now and again with my keens) – these socks have behaved quite nicely even on fairly aggressive trail terrain.

After numerous miles and washes, the socks are holding up alright, though they are developing a noticeable “halo” as we knitters like to call it – I suspect that’s courtesy of the alpaca as the socks really aren’t pilling up at all – nor are they noticeably felting or loosing their padding.  The dark earth colored hue has ensured that they haven’t showed any discoloration – at least not with the dirt and sand that I’ve gotten into!

I’ll be continuing to wear these socks out and about for the next month or so, so check back in again to see if they continue to hold up well!

January 13, 2010 – Final Check-in

Since November, I’ve continued to wear the Goodhews out on hikes into the desert in addition to around the house and around town for general use.  In all cases, the weather was cool to moderate and dry.  Sad to say, but the drought continues here in the desert southwest.  I’ve been sticking to the low desert for my hikes, taking advantage of the cooler weather, so the socks have not been worn in snow either.  Footwear has been my trailrunners or low cut hiking boots.  Mileage has been varied, anywhere from a short stroll of only a handful of miles up to longer days around 10 miles.

As far as comfort goes, these socks are still wearing about the same as when I first got them – they are comfortable and stay in place without binding.  Other than the previously mentioned issues with the cuff being too tight for my leg when pulled all the way up, they haven’t caused any problems with blisters or overheating during the various hikes I’ve had them out on.

The socks are showing more standard wear now that we’re nearing the evaluation stage, but nothing more than I would typically expect out of a pair of socks that have been worn about in varying terrain.  I notice light pilling on the foot and around the heel, generally in areas of higher friction when worn in footwear – the cuffs look as they did when they arrived, so it’s definitely a friction/wear-induced aging that I’m noticing.  As reported previously, the color of the socks seem to prevent any staining or discoloration – and they still show no signs of fading or staining.  The socks otherwise still look to have plenty of life in them, and I’ll continue to enjoy wearing them about.

My thanks to Goodhew for providing these socks for evaluation.