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Happy Girl Skirt This skirt looks like it will be amazing to run in, hike in, and just run around town in.  It is so well designed and constructed that it really was made for a woman’s body.  The Happy Girls skirt is the longest skirt in the Skirt Sports lineup; it offers more coverage, without compromising its femininity. It features built-in semi-compression shorties (7” inseam) and three pockets.  This skirt is both functional and sophisticated!  Measuring 16.5″ in the front and 17.5″ in the back it provides fantastic comfort, fit, and security.

I tried it on and it was so comfortable and made me feel very secure and not even a little self conscious.  While searching for work out bottoms, I find myself worrying about the fit and if my “backside will jiggle” and that’s what will be on my mind instead of focusing on the activity I am participating in.  It makes me feel so good about my body and ready to go out and kick butt at anything I take on.  Some great features are the 5″ zipper pocket on the back right. The pocket fits a phone, chap stick, money, keys and more; it has a curvy, wide front and back waistband yoke panels, and the shorties have 2 pockets to carry gels, lip balm, IPod, and more.  I can’t wait to put this wonderful skirt to use and see how it feels.

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A deeper look into the Happy Girl Skirt……..

I have had the opportunity to put this skirt to excessive use and it has become my new favorite piece of clothing.  It has converted me not only into a skirt runner, but a Skirt Sports skirt runner and I will never go back to shorts.   I feel so comfortable when I’m running in my Happy Girl skirt that I can solely focus on my run and I’m never worried about my bottoms riding up, falling down, or irritating my skin.  I love that it goes a little longer in the back for better coverage.  It is very flattering to wear and good for many activities.  I wear it running, hiking, biking, and just to hang out in.  The pockets on the compression shorts are perfect for holding your items secure even with the movement of running.  I love the zippered pocket in the back for the bulkier items you need during your activity.  One feature I would like to see on the Happy Girl model is the media hole down to the side pockets for my music like on the Gym Girl model.  The Happy Girl is the perfect length and I really wish I had ten more because it is the only thing I like to run in anymore.  I wash it so much and never go on a longer run in anything else.


I ran in the Ragnar this year and was so glad to run my 10 mile run in this skirt.  The shorts fit great and don ’t ever ride up on my thighs or butt.  I never have to adjust them or worry about anything, but the amazing feeling of running through beautiful scenery.  My husband and I ran in a trail run/obstacle course through mud and water, jumping over logs, and ducking under branches.  I wore my Happy Girl and it was awesome.  Even after submerging in the water it was comfortable and never irritated my skin.  I really could not say more good things about this skirt and everywhere I run someone asks me about it and I just rave about how much I love it.  I have tried other skirts with shorts in them and none of them even compare to the support and comfort provided by the Happy Girl skirt.  The shorts are constructed like underwear, so there is not uncomfortable bulk in the middle causing discomfort.  They are very breathable and never irritate my skin.  I am training for a marathon and I run almost every run in my Happy Girl skirt, so stay tuned for more about how this skirt holds up to seeing a lot of miles on the road.

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Last Look at the Happy Girl Skirt

The Happy Girl Skirt has been so amazing to run in and is my number one choice of running gear right now.  It fits so well and really holds up to excessive use.  A lot of miles have been run in this skirt and I have never been disappointed.  I have run a few races in it and have mainly run in the Ogden area and now the Draper area of Utah.  It has held up great in this environment and I love that every time I put it on it fits perfectly.  I wash it at least 3 times a week and it holds up very well.  I haven’t noticed wear spots or any problem areas from excessive washing.  The material has held up wonderfully and the shorts haven’t lost any of their stretch or compression properties.  The fact that the skirt and compression shorts are one piece stops the skirt from being able to ride up.  It also prevents the shorts from slipping down, riding up in the leg, or gathering at the crotch, which is the hardest thing to overcome with skirts and shorts (for running purposes) worn together as separates.


It is great to be able to rely on a piece of clothing to do the job while I’m participating i n my activities.  I am very self conscious about the fit of my clothing, especially my active clothing.  It’s awesome that I can put on the Happy Girl Skirt and know that I will feel good about how I look and most importantly that it will perform well during high intensity activities. The gusseted crotch is perfect for eliminating irritation potential while running long distances.  The compression booties do away with the possibility of rubbing areas on my legs and compress my muscles for greater support.  I have put this skirt to the test in many activities and it has certainly lived up to my expectations and needs as a serious runner and outdoor enthusiast.  I would definitely recommend this skirt to anyone for all levels of activities.  Now I just need to get a few more in the great colors provided because my biggest complaint is that I only have one.

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